[TERA PC] Known issue: Little Red Tokens from the Little Red and the Wolf event have an inventory limit of 999 and if receiving a Vanguard Request reward will raise your token quantity over the limit, you will not be able to receive any of the reward items. We apologize for the inconvenience, but ask that you please exchange tokens prior to completing dungeon Vanguard Requests if you are approaching the inventory limit. Event details: https://tera.enmasse.com/news/posts/tera-anniversary-little-red-and-the-wolf
[TERA PC] We confirmed that an issue with Civil Unrest persists, so Civil Unrest will remain disabled until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

Ping issues?

I encountered this problem around 48 hours ago. I was suddenly disconnected while playing, and was repeatedly being disconnected whenever I logged back in. Afterwards I tried to view my account's status on EME's website but it just fails to load unless I use my browser's VPN. I am consistently receiving unstable internet connection notifications in my launcher too, in the rare chance that I can actually launch it due to a supposedly unstable internet connection even though I can log on to any website and play any other game I have that requires an internet connection just fine. Is anyone else having this problem?


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