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Game status post patch



  • I would kill for a classic server. This patch convinced me that there isn't anything left for me in this game now that all my friends have quit, the dungeons I liked are nerfed to nothing or removed from the game and it's hard to have any motivation to keep playing on this floating spaghetti bowl of code called Exodor.

    I don't even care if the classic server is an event that lasts 2 months, it'd be more fun than anything on this patch.

  • Even though they do a classic serve which ensures that they wouldn't modify the "classic" to be more difficult and thus force p2w?

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    try farming for 4 hours and not a single armor feedstock :/

  • @PP597W94LA said:
    Even though they do a classic serve which ensures that they wouldn't modify the "classic" to be more difficult and thus force p2w?

    The only classic servers they've done for this game so far have been short-term events that just merge into the live servers at the end anyway.

  • SethryanSethryan ✭✭
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    Wake up! MEME needed money so they put new gear system to sell p2w boxes with mats such as feedstock..... New gear with less grinding? You really belived that was gona happend? HAHAHAHHAAH.

  • FainallFainall ✭✭✭
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    I just hate how negative this patch has left me feeling to the game. The new gear is just fail imho and I don't want to be bothered with it. How do I know that once I get it they won't say oh hey lets do a new system. I don't want to grind for it, I don't want all the time and effort I put into HO to be for nothing. Exodor is just hideous with the mobs and the grinding and the no flying/teleporting without a buff. Especially if you have a flying mount you bought with cash and you can't use it? But I'm sure that new flying mounts just for Exodor will be hitting the cash shop soon just like new companions for this change will be hitting it soon too. I just don't have any desire to log in hardly. I do my ghillie and log out, and even that is not good...it's like they nerfed it. It's sad. I don't want to level my alts because no caimen raids and endless months of grinding is just so 2015. I am usually a pretty positive person but there is very little left to be positive about. I don't even have any desire to do part of the Halloween event, and I usually love events. They have sucked the joy out of the game entirely. Especially when other games are starting to figure out how to fix their game instead of making it worse. I decided to resub this month but I am regretting it. I get that this is a business, but happy, satisfied customers spend money...frustrated customers go elsewhere.

  • the money EME made on tera online
    it was by Breach online, MISTOVER, Stranger Things 3, dark crystal and A: IR.

    This patch is just a way of trying to earn something from the money they invest in the wrong games.

  • FainallFainall ✭✭✭

    How did they make money on AIR? It's not even released here yet. Eme is a business, I don't begrudge them making money. It's how they are choosing to do it.

  • @Fainall disse:
    How did they make money on AIR? It's not even released here yet. Eme is a business, I don't begrudge them making money. It's how they are choosing to do it.

    A: IR will be released in Korean
    tera is being changed to be accepted in Korean
    It seems that Krafton is making mmorpg for the Koreans because it is more certain that they will make money.

  • Sincerely all Krafton and Korean.

    which means you will have it online depends on the korean feedback.
    only thing we can do and I asked for an event that made the game more playable for NA.

  • Skywatch: Aerial Island should be completely acceptable on Korean serving with a better% RNG because Korean players cannot play for long (maximum 2 ~ 3 hour per day) by law I think.

    more here in NA game has been changed to "try to be more accepted in NA"
    because we can play tera online for over 10 hours straight every day.

    That's why the game is quite hardcore on the farm because the Koreans still don't have an idea that would be more accepted in NA.
    And a small patch that being the same as you in KR probably NA players ran out of content very quickly.

    It will be difficult for them to find a way to make the most accepted NA patch because the time difference that KR and NA players can play is so big.

  • Konatta98Konatta98 ✭✭
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    Hey, mEME need money for Christmas and new year. Just shtup and pay for boxes :^)

    (Ban in 3,2,1...)

  • SageWinduSageWindu High Seat of the Jedi Council ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I've never felt so disinterested to play a game after a major expansion since Fortnite Battle Royale became a thing. I managed to complete the Exodor storyline, but it was so immensely frustrating that I want almost nothing else to do with that area ever again.

    I did GG yesterday and got 2 diamonds and simply did not care. When a game has you feeling worse after getting a rare drop, that's not a good sign.

  • No comment by any GM so far. Dont think they care anymore at this point. The whales keep swiping and its apparent eme only cares about money
    Time to play elder scrolls online i guess.cheers

  • I think this patch is really boring, new dg is 100% recycled, number of player decrease, ppl are doing just GVNM and the new dg, caimans only works with party and dont works with raid, i cant finish my jewellry because there arent ppl doing demokron factory hard is really sad look the game's state now, i think publisher and developers are killing the game

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