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Can't launch tera with new launcher.


Can't launch tera with new launcher.
Game installation directory is correct.
No files have been edited.
No third party programs running.

Launcher will say "Playing", then it goes back to "Play" without launching the game.


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    Don't know but if the repair doesn't work, then I would run the launcher in debug mode and send in a support ticket with the log files.

  • Thanks for reply, tried that, didnt work.
    Thing is, the new launcher 'used' to work like 2-3 months ago, when i first tried it.

    In any case, i decide to just reinstall the entire game.

  • @Fanfreya said:

    Thanks for reply, tried that, didnt work.

    Okay glad you got it working by reinstalling anyway, but yeah -- the point of running debug mode isn't to fix it, but just to gather the log file that support would need to diagnose the error.

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