Only one suggestion to Azart Hatchery Portal (a.k.a Caiman farm)

Hello, I would like to suggest an option for the Azart Hatchery dungeon farm. As many already know, this is the best way for you to get lvl 70 and SAP (Skill Advancement Points)

Before the v86 patch, there was a way to hunt on raid the caimans, so it was a very good way to get lvl 70 and get 180 SAP. When the v86 patch was released, they removed the possibility of raid hunting and only the party option was possible.

I have a char with 180 SAP, farmed in the previous patch, and what I can tell you is that even with the "buff" that was said in the patch note v86, the farm is much slower than before, which makes a lot of people as give up on doing.

Skill Advancement Points is a system that is not shared for your entire account, so if you want to unlock on another char, you'll have to do it all over again, which takes a lot of time, gold and scrolls, on average you spend 1.7m gold. (For some classes there is no need to unlock all options, so this value may be lower).

To unlock everything, you will spend 1.946m gold.

On the scrolls, the skills of Lv.66, Lv.68 and Lv70 are 60 levels each, so we need to make 180 SAP, for each Lv you will need x1 SAP to unlock.

To put Lv.66, Lv.68 and Lv70 skills to the maximum you will need:

Lv 66: x2141 Skill Advancement Scroll I
Lv 68: x3483 Skill Advancement Scroll II
Lv 70: x4701 Skill Advancement Scroll III

for Lv 67 and Lv 69:

Lv 67: x720 Skill Optimization Scroll I
Lv 69: x900 Skill Optimization Scroll II

This is the amount of scrolls to unlock all options.

With that in mind, do we really need to make the SAP farm so difficult? Remembering that it is not easy to get all that scrolls, but we had a good event at the Guardian Mission that helped a lot. I hope that we get this event again.

So my suggestion to make the SAP farm more enjoyable is to add the map scroll to the Vanguard Initiative store, so we could buy the map scroll for xxx credits and not depend on that RNG.

I think that way we could get a better benefit from the Vanguard Initiative store. About the amount of credits? I would like to suggest something around x200, I will show you why. I farmed practically 170 SAP in this dungeon, here comes the question, how many times did I do Azart Hatchery? I guess x100 times, maybe a little more or less, detail that at the time I did we were having an event that gave 50% + SAP per dungeon, so the amount of times you have to go there without this event will be much more.

Just one example, x100 Azart Hatchery map scroll, will cost you 20000 Vanguard Initiative Credits.

Note 1: Some people may be wondering, this 20000 value will be much lower if everyone in your party uses this scroll once. In the description of the map scroll you are not allowed to enter group, so you have to farm alone.

Note 2: About the value of each map scroll, as I said is only a suggestion and this value can be higher or even lower.

Note 3: As far I know, Azart Hatchery (Solo) gives less xp than "normal" version, so probably you will need to do more times.

Well, Thanks for your time.


  • nice sugestion! up!

  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭

    @SysnoeS said:
    Note 2: About the value of each map scroll, as I said is only a suggestion and this value can be higher or even lower.

    Just to give some context for the prices that Bluehole considers sane, the Highwatch card fragments that you can buy with Vanguard Initiative Credits cost you 90,000 for the grey and 360,000 for the green ones, for a total cost of 450,000 credits farmed and spent for 80 points for the card collection. Or 5,625 credits per point.

    Expecting them to ever go for a scroll cost of 200 is very unrealistic, especially when they already have it for 200 mystery merchant coins on those, when they have it there. There's a wee bit of a difference in the time and effort involved in gaining 200 of either.

    And even just a cost for the scroll of 5,000 (though I feel they'd likely try to go for more, if they were to even add it, since we now have a cap of 20,000 credits) is likely well into the area where people just consider it another excessive grind not or barely worth the effort.

    Yes, I get it, the cost suggestion is based on what would allow for a feeling of a good pace. Do some Vanguards, earn the credits, and then have the reward. Likely be done in a week or four of casual play doing tings that you enjoy, rather than mindless BAM grind. I'm absolutely not against getting that feeling back.

    But we have to face the fact that Bluehole just doesn't seem to know how to keep us playing and supposedly interested other than endless grind. Asking them to reduce the grind isn't going to help there, at most getting us some minor band-aid when their player numbers crash too much. What we should be trying to do is to find ways to make more paths be viable. To have some other sources for that feeling of progression.

    Though realistically we'd probably need to focus our efforts on carving out fun niches in the pyramid structure that they seem to want to have with only a select few on the top. So that if they expect us to be okay with not everyone to reach the top that the supporting roles are also fun. (Be it that there is an actual use for the low- and mid-tier stuff, like removing damage buffs from high-tier mobs to actually make them killable for those already geared, collective efforts unlocking zones, so that you need a minimum level of activity on the lower tiers to have the highest tiers even be available for those deemed as lucky enough to fulfill the requirements, or even just basic things like getting areas to look pretty again, with the amber/grey filters removed if people keep puttering away at dailies. Or that more zones start looking "ugly" if you don't try to stop the spread of the amber. Or that there is some curse of blood active that you need to fight via various means like PvP matches, and if you don't then things get harder or whatnot. -- Just to offer some actual ideas as well, not meant as an exhaustive list by any means. The goal just being more activity encouraged everywhere and that activity giving you a feeling of having achieved something other than blown everything on an RNG roll of the dice.)

    Note 3: As far I know, Azart Hatchery (Solo) gives less xp than "normal" version, so probably you will need to do more times.

    Entering solo doesn't mean you can only enter the Solo version, it just means that everyone else is locked out from the portal, as far as I understand it. You should still be able to just select the group version and get all of that XP for yourself.

  • Wish Skill advancement points were server-wide like EP talents and cards tbh.

  • "1.9mil gold" and where do you think people are going to get this much money LOL

  • Gold is quite easy to make now a days. But i believe the problem isn't paying once for it,it's paying more 1.9m gold for each character you wanna gear, it should have been made like EP talets as stated above.

  • YuxibrYuxibr ✭✭✭

    Im really sad that they killed the caiman farm that way. All I do now is some quests/dgs for gold and fishing.
    My end game is buying costumes and afk fishing.
    The new area is hard and boring, the place is beautiful but i cant enjoy it like I did before with the lvl 61-65 quests. Im just gonna wait they make it easier like they did with apex skills. I remember spending time and gold to get apex for my alts and now we just need to to some quests and get enchant scrolls. Im happy they did it, so Im just hoping they to the same with all this super grind fest.

  • bluehole is concentrated only on server KR.
    which means being korean makes the content of this patch by the logic can also do.

    This patch is clearly for you to force on only one char and wastes no time with other char.

    they won't even waste time reading this topic on the forum if they want them to read this suggestion the whole community should send this suggestion for a ticket to them to show that there are many who are interested in it (nor hope hahahahaha).

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