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Lazy players are killing na



  • FainallFainall ✭✭✭

    Lazy players you say? Some of us worked for our HO for a YEAR. And I got it handed to me alright...after a YEAR working for it. I have yet to see anyone ever say they wanted anything handed to them on the forums. No one says that, no one asks for hand holding...where do you people come up with this stuff? Just because we don't want to grind our soul into oblivion only to be told it meant nothing because hey new stuff here you go start again! That doesn't make us lazy...it makes us tired. That is a vast difference. But you have fun on Euro. I'm sure it will be MUCH better for you there. You will have a whole new set of people to act superior to.

  • ignore him.
    He must have forgotten that there is "social life in the real world" where there are people who need to sleep, work, eat, study, take care of their health and family and have no time to spend 10 hours playing every day 1 game.

    It must be playing so long that it has already been forgotten that it is just a game that should be fun.

  • TJKatTJKat ✭✭✭

    What I love is that he says he's leaving NA because we're lazy and want everything handed to us.... to go to an easier, less grindy version of Tera. Who among us is lazy and wants to be given everything more easily?

  • Well, guilty as charged.
    I'm lazy, cuz I don't want to spend 26 hours a day playing a video game.

  • Had to be away yesterday and look what I missed... anyway, locked for being flamebait.

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