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Please fix raids

Not only can you kill members that are in the same raid that you are in, but you get "stuck " in raid, can not drop and people can not even kick other people. You have to queue and pop for another battleground or instance. Can not see where raid members are on the map and even in the same area it is difficult to tell who is in your raid and who is not. Please fix this


  • MatheusObiwanMatheusObiwan Brazil ✭✭

    I wonder if its a thing in other regions as well. my guildies were stuck to a raid from yesterday CUV and we were trying to force a SH pop to break then free. with no success of course so we waited to 3s being available so we could make it pop easier.

    I also wonder if anyone tests those things before they releasing the patch to us or if there is a special employee tagged as "Professional f***-uper" >.>

  • I found a way to repair it, after trying many things ... and without a suitable solution when I sent a ticket

    1) Place an item in the broker <- Super important
    2) Go to the character selection screen and try to erase the character
    3) The game will tell you that you cannot delete a character with an item in the broker
    4) Log the character, he should be out of that raid


    In case that doesn't work.

    1) Go to the character selection screen and try to delete the character
    2) You have 24 hours to cancel the removal of a character
    3) Cancel the deletion of the character
    4) Login

  • There is more simple sollution.

    If you happen to be bugged in raid, you still are able to queue for dungeon using Vanguard Request menu. Game doesn't recognize you in raid == doesn't prevent you from queueing this way (while UI will disable regular Instance Matching window) and when it pops up, you will be force dragged into normal, working/unbugged party.

    This so far has been working each time we encountered the bug during Rally raids.

  • The workarounds are definitely useful, but in checking with EME's QA Team, does anyone know a sure way to reproduce the bug? Are there specific conditions that will guarantee to trigger it, or is it RNG (like so much of TERA) even with those conditions set?

  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭

    The EU maintenance notes for today list "A hotfix for the issue regarding raids", perhaps that is what the hotfix in our maint is about as well? (In addition to the channel increase that is also slated for that.)

    Though I'm not sure if the two issues are even the same (let alone the same as whatever it was that cropped up in Korea in regards to raids), since the descriptions posted on the various forums are very dissimilar, but one can hope?

  • We have been suspecting:

    • summons (more than one going on at time)
    • players joining from another continents (like Exodor) - one person got affected by bug two or three times in a row, as we were remaking whole raid each time
    • raid activity like passing leadership

    But overall, it seems to be random and always trigger when there is like 10-20 people in raid. Rarely below or above that. Perhaps it is people who are bugged and 'lock' the raid, perhaps not. It seems too random and yet like certain thing to happen, sooner or later.

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