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Finding Cards quest - no damage from mobs

I'm SkyeChuu, lv41 High elf cleric
I was wearing no gear except rings and earrings (lv38) while doing the quest Finding Cards in ch8
As can be seen in the video ( https://SkyeVoid.tinytake.com/tt/MzgzMjY1Nl8xMTcxNDM0Mw ), the Noruks have not damaged me one bit during doing said quest, which is a requirement for finishing the quest.
My guess is the recent patch screwed with the new quest.
I tried a few times with new spawns in ch1 and ch8, and was working with Atyrex (lv41 high elf berseker) who was also having trouble with getting damaged.
re-logging did not help.
If I forgot any details, I'll be happy to provide them on request

Thanks in advance!


  • I have the same problem does anyone know a solution

  • You don't need to receive damage per se. Just equip the card then approach a Noruk to aggro it so it attacks you.

  • Same thing here.. I won't take damage from them after equipping the card nor does their attempts to attack me mark the quest completed.. any help?

  • First time you have to get hit it has to be the grey card equipped. (This might trip you up if you're doing the quest again on an alt for some reason, since you then will already have the green version too. The green version will not advance the quest.)

    Now, to avoid any confusion, when people say equip they mean that the card has to be present on the Equip Card window, not just in the Card Collection window. So you need to right click the fragments the quest gives you and then also right click the Grazing Noruk card to actually equip it.

    You then just walk up to one of the grazing noruks that are red on your compass/radar and walk into one of its attacks. It doing 0 damage is fine, it just has to connect. (That part can be a bit tricky if the silly thing insists on prancing around rather than trying to straight up gore you with its antlers.)

    For the second time where you need to get hit, you need to activate the Collection Effect.

    How do you do that? If you look towards the top of your Card Collection window, you'll notice that there are two sub-tabs. "Binder" (which will be highlighted) and "Collection Effect". You just click on the Collection Effect to go to that sub-tab.

    There should be a whole list of effects there. The one you want is Long for Peace. Note the checkbox next to that. Click that to put a checkmark there to activate the effect. The cards you have equipped don't actually matter for this, just that you have that checkmark next to the Collection Effect.

    Back to the grazing noruks for another 0 damage whiff and you should be all done.

    These worked for me just now when I did it on an alt again, so nothing seems to be broken.

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