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Guide for 65 +

Hi is there anywhere i can see a guide for level 65 and above?


  • wow over 1 hundred views yet nobody knows what to do after level 65? Surely there must be a guide or something out there, i have seen plenty of people level 70

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    Basically you want to upgrade the gear that's given to you at Level 65 at least up to Heroic Oath. This is due to EME releasing mythic gear set in the future that require legendary gear from Exodor + Heroic Oath to make. Really 65 - 70 is grinding dungeons, upgrading gear, finding the right gems for equipment (Exodor gear makes this part irrevelant). Also Caimen BAM hunting is decent for 65-67, which there are groups that run them daily. Complete all purple quests given to you for XP and unlocking Apex abilites and Exodor dailies. That's really the jist of it. Its been almost 2 month for me since I came back to the game after 5 years and I just got to Level 69 (Work, kids, etc etc).

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