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✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 🎀 ⭐ Candy Momoko's Art Commissions! 🎀 ⭐ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ [OPEN!]

Hi everyone! My name is Momo but you may know me in game as Candy Momoko (Priest in the Velika server).
I love to draw tera characters and I am now open for commissions!

I'm mostly in need of IRL currency but it didn't feel right not to include some gold slots, for those who cannot afford to spend money or rather use their tera gold to get some art! However, EMP to gold conversion has been really high for a while and is fluctuating all the time. I originally thought it'd stay at around 1:100 but it keeps on rising between 1:120 and 1:150 depending on the day. I don't feel right asking for that much gold, so I'll freeze my rate of conversion for now at 1:110, it feels more fair that way.

I'm raising the gold conversion rate to 1:160 (currently emp has been selling for 1:200 - 1:230 but I don't wanna go form 110 to double the price in gold)

❀Full info is on my Terms of Service Document: TOS
Please give it a read if you wish to commission me♥!

❀If you want more examples of my art you can visit my webpage: More Examples

❀Do's Don'ts:

*I will pretty much attempt to draw anything as long as is not in my Don't list, instead of Do's I'll list stuff that I draw often so you can know more or less my preference and style. If is something I don't draw often or haven't drawn before you can order it as an experimental piece if you'd like.

❀What am I offering?

Prices in the graphic are in usd but the conversion to gold is fairly simple. 1 USD = 100 EMP. Emp is then converted to gold at 1:160 ratio.

❀Base prices
☆ Chibi icon: $15 or 240k gold
☆ Bust: $25 or 400k gold
☆ Waist up: $30 or 480k gold
☆ Half body: $35 or 560k gold
☆ Full body: $45 or 720k gold
☆ Tall Chibis: $35 or 560k gold/ ☆ Small Chibis: $25 or 400k gold

☆Complexity/Detailed: $10 (for chibi icons they'll be simplified regardless so no fee applies)
☆Extra character: Double the price -$5
☆Props such as weapons or pets: $8 each
☆Suggestive NSFW: +50% (I prefer wholesome themes to sexy ones, that's why. If you want a really sexy pose or outfit the fee MAY apply)

*All prices are for colored pieces, the main difference between coloring style is that on the painted like style lines are less defined or neat, while on the anime style is more clean and sharp.

❉If you'd like to purchase a commission fill this form and send it to me:

♥ your name:
♥ type of commission:
♥ Character’s name and where is from:
♥ Character reference pictures:
♥ Personality/likes dislikes:
♥ Pose preference:
♥ extras:
♥ Payment:
♥ Questions:

Have a question or want to send me the form?
Contact me on: Discord Momo#1464 / email [email protected] / through a private message in the forums is also ok but may take longer to see it~

*The title of this post will change from OPEN to CLOSED if I fill the slots.

If you wanna keep up with my work flow/commission order you can check out this page: LIST

♡ Gold Slots ♡
1. Halfbody Couple - Brat
2. (reserved slot)

♡ EMP/USD Slots ♡

Thank you so much for considering my art for your next commission ♡´・ᴗ・`♡ !


  • Commission for Brat and Rough~

  • Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful time!

    Here's a simple chibi, a small christmas present I made.

  • CandyMomokoCandyMomoko ✭✭✭

    Updating the post with a chibi I made for an art trade event with valentine's day theme!

    I also edited the first post a bit, you can now check more of my art examples on my web page!

    My commissions are still open, so if you are interested, hit me up~

  • CandyMomokoCandyMomoko ✭✭✭

    Updating again with another art trade piece! (not Tera related but is a cute character anyways!)

  • CandyMomokoCandyMomoko ✭✭✭

    More art ~

    And the speedpaint, I have a youtube channel to upload those now ^^!

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