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do i need to have the game updated to uninstall

i dont see the game in my apps or programs


  • You should be able to just uninstall the launcher and then delete the game folder if it's still there. TERA doesn't install all sorts of special files or drivers all over the place on your PC; there are a few minimal files for your launcher state (such as to facilitate the "remember" option), but that's about it.

  • Hi , I need help with uninstall issue.. in steam i already uninstalled.. but the tera online with 46.7GB still in add/remove program.. when i click uninstall it say that window cant find launcher.exe... please help me

  • This one may be the phantom program issue as steam may have removed the game, yet did not remove it from your add/remove program list. You have 2 options, either install the game again and then uninstall it or the faster option if you have some computer skills is look for the folder and see if it is even there. If the folder is there delete it and said launcher icon from desktop and other sidebars (if added). Then remove the program from add/remove program by deleting it from the list. There are some PC cleaning programs that will have this option to remove the program from your add/remove program list when the remove program option is broken. Hope this helps

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