New to Tera - Which Class - Elite Status?

New to Tera - PS4, on the Darken server. Looking for a good group of people to play with and learn the ropes from. Currently, I have a lvl 36 Archer, but I'm discouraged by the wait times for a DPS in the LFG. The Archer is fun to play, but I made a Lancer to tank with to shorten wait times when grouping up. Time is precious for me between work and kids, what class would be best moving forward? Is the Elite Status worthwhile or should I opt out?


  • If im not mistaken, u can do solo dungeon to progress pre lvl65, including story quest. If that's what u worried about.

  • I'm just going to move your thread over to the TERA Console section so that you'll get the most relevant replies about current recommendations for Console vs. PC, as they're both on different patches so have slightly different features.

  • The highlights of having Elite are the ability to teleport to any major cities/towns and save up to 5 teleport spots of your choice, unlimited use of nostrum, having double the daily entries for endgame dungeons (could be 1-2 more entries each), and having the upper hand at the broker (you can post up to 50 items instead of 10 and without a listing fee).

    So depends what you want out of it. It does bring some quality of life.

    It also doubles the exp points you gain, but there's an item that does the same for 7 days for cheap. You will over level the story line without the exp boost, so if you want to follow the story at a matching pace you'd want to skip the boost.
  • I'd say wait until you reach lv.65 content before you use Elite, so that you have better idea of the things you can and/or want to do. As they say, the majority of the game is at endgame.

    As for what class.. if you find lancer playstyle fun, keep at it. The other primary tank is brawler, and it has a skill-spamming playstyle. In the end, a game is meant for to be played for fun. Go with whichever class you find to be the most fun.. which means, yes, try out all the classes lol.

    With that said, and if you don't plan on playing Tera for the long term and don't mind paying for it, sure go ahead and get Elite so you can quickly level several classes and try them out.
  • Thank you for the response Lingyi! I am having fun with the Lancer. Just solo'ed Bastion of Lok save for the final boss Murdranak. It was fun and challenging, went in as a lvl 24 and left a lvl 26 with a boat load of new gear.
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    I've mained an archer for many years but on PC. Definitely a great class but tbh you can't really go wrong with any of them these days. I'm still learning archer on console but its pretty fun so far.

    If you're just curious or thinking of sticking with TERA for a bit it may be good to mention that elite won't be quite as useful in future patches for newer players. There will be a change with the cost of dungeon entries in patch v80 when the level cap is increased to 70. This will give non elite players ample entries into all but the hardest dungeons. But also in this patch even elite players will pay some listing fees on the broker.

    You can buy a voucher for elite status with gold and it shouldn't be very time consuming at all to save up for if you play smart ;)

    If you want to check out elite there is a really good promotion running right now on twitch where having an amazon prime membership can give you 30 days of elite for free. It's part of "Twitch Prime Loot". You may also be able to get it with the free 30-day prime trial but unless your a poor college student like me that may not be worth your time to setup xD

    Either way I hope that info helped a bit. Unfortunately I'm Xbox or I'd totally be down to play some.

  • I did the Twitch Prime Starter Pack and all that consists of. The dragon mount and pet are definitely worthwhile! I've been playing the Lancer so far it has been very enjoyable. Thank you for all of the advice.

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