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Primed Ore - Am I missing something?

I've been doing vanguard requests to get the daily login scales, but I haven't seen any primed ore rewards. Is it only for the tiered daily rewards (do 3 requests etc.) or do only certain vanguard requests cough up the ore?
Edit - also not sure where the Meirun event NPC is. Wandered Velika but didn't spot it.


  • Meirun is at Freedom Plaza, the southern corner.

    Not all Vanguard Requests have the Primed Ore, you need to do dungeons for them, though all dungeons have some of them. (Higher difficulty ones have more ores.) This includes the solo ace dungeon trials. The Primed Ore amount is listed as part of the rewards, right-most in the list.

    Only level 65 and higher dungeons seem to have them listed as a reward, as far as I'm aware, but I don't have anything low level enough to confirm that.

  • Thanks. Might have to try to find a dungeon group, since Aces mean going to Velika or Highwatch, and those towns always force my graphics into potato mode. That and it looks like you have to run about 3x as many Aces to get the same pile of ore you would from regular dungeons, the event cards want a metric ton of ore.

  • The event cards are definitely worth it though. You get the amplification you need and a set bonus to boot.
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