What is a Proxy and is it okay to use it?

Hello, I wish to return to this game after quitting Black Desert Online, but I am in OCE so my ping is super high (was the main reason why I quit this game back in Renegade weapon days). I hoped that an OCE server would've been released but unfortunately my prayers were not answered. I did read that a Proxy will be able to reduce my ping and I really wish to do so as I was originally a Warrior main and an avid PVPer so low ping is really important for me.
First of all, what is a Proxy? Is it just a VPN like Mudfish or ExpressVPN? If anyone in OCE know of a good Proxy that works and they can recommend, please let me know.
While I did read that a Proxy will lower my ping, there also was debate whether it was a bannable offense. Is this the case?


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    To answer your question in the simplest way possible.
    1. Proxy is a 3rd party program. Skill prediction is not a VPN and it will not reduce your ping.
    However, skill prediction will help players with high ping greatly.
    2. As long as you use ethical modules, it's tolerated by EME.
    3. The forums is not a recommended place at all to talk about this. I recommend asking around on discord.

  • As said, a proxy is a server that helps you route your connection. You are in (e.g.) Australia and have this bad ping to the Tera US-Server in Chicago. There's no helping it, there are no magical programs that can solve this problem.

    However, your ISP and the backbone may route you either via US West Coast to Chicago or via Hongkong-Europe to Chicago.
    VPN programs like mentioned before are "tolerated" by EnMasse as long as you don't inject packets, blabla and so on - you know the stuff.
    Keep to clean VPN routing and you'll be fine. These can't work wonders and reduce your ping to 80ms, but stabilize your ping to ... 200ms (?). Ask other oceanic players.

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