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💙 Pea's Commissions 💙 [CLOSED]



  • VildirVildir ✭✭
    edited June 2019
    icon painted style for Zozmos , 3 slots still open!
  • hey it's been a while!! im back to taking some more commissions- this time im taking both $$ and tera gold! ive gotten more consistent with my style and have added some more commission options. please message me on discord - Savannah#6006 or in game if you're interested!

  • Couples colored sketch icon for Olivia

  • preview of a full body painted style for Taka- full img is on my twitter <3

  • VildirVildir ✭✭

    3 couple full body painted style for Ammui

  • VildirVildir ✭✭

    me and Skip's elins!!

  • VildirVildir ✭✭

    Couples Half Body painted style for Pawsitive

  • couples full body painted style for Brat!

  • VildirVildir ✭✭
    edited February 4

    3 emotes for Brat!!

  • VildirVildir ✭✭
    edited February 4

    2 emotes for Evie

  • painted icon for GameBoy!!

  • emote commissions for Brat!

  • Full body painted style for Poisonous.Tree!!

  • couples full body painted style for AceFerron!

  • bumpu!! commissions are open again <3

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