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  • it's like my class
    very complex
    but [filtered] ez

  • sorcerer very complex ?? lol

  • TJKatTJKat ✭✭✭

    We HAVE open world content. There are a butt-load of quests you could be doing to take you all over the world. The problem is, they're completely irrelevant. As soon as you hit level 20, you pretty much never have to leave a city again since the rewards you get from quests are negligible.

  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭

    Get rid of instant teleport to the dungeon entrance so people have to traverse the world

  • @66ECX7NAN7 said:
    Get rid of instant teleport to the dungeon entrance so people have to traverse the world

    Did you play Tera before the last 2 years or so?
    We had this before.

  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭

    Played before vanguard window gave you free teleport but there were scrolls already

  • @Maldicion159 said:
    Trade routes that involve guiding a caravan between cities is dynamic player driven content that is also open world
    It's also been done before and is universally loved in its present form in Silkroad Online
    There is also a player driven "thief" faction that revolves around intercepting said caravans

    That's just a naked appeal at adding open world PvP. If you want that then openly advocate for it, rather than trying to backdoor it through an ostensibly PvE open world activity?

    I mean, a Guardian Legion like take on open world PvP centered around missions such as those might even add a certain appeal for people. Gateway them into wanting to do more PvP, let them come and go as they have time, not require equal team sizes (if they do something like dynamic unified gear, where the player stats shift in response to numbers on the teams, so you can have some degree of balance, as a sort of take on how they ramp up the stats on the Guardian Legion mobs) and have a progression option of stopping/finishing missions for something to do beyond collecting points/mats for gear.

    I'm unsure if Personal Gear missions would be a good idea, since that just seems like it would be kick-less Shore Hold on steroids, in all likelihood, but maybe paired with a requirement check for a Superior PvP Mission kind of thing? Needing to have completed some of the lower missions, to build up supplies or something like that? Just not a fan of the resultant outcry that is ungeared people meeting the +9 crowd.

    Maybe even introduce a kind of "Curse of Blood" or something like that, to explain why the Federation is suddenly beating each other up. You need to appease that thing or else things can get tougher. Everyone getting a debuff, mobs getting a collective buff, or whatever might make sense. Goal to be met weekly or monthly so that things can change. To add another thing that you want to keep working towards that isn't just the endless gear grind.

    Perhaps even increase the interplay between PvP and PvE so that the PvE mobs are very hard (or even near impossible) to beat if nobody bothers with appeasing the Curse of Blood via PvP/other activities. (It ideally not needing to be the same person doing both, so that it's more of symbiosis between PvP and PvE focused people, though crossover is of course to be encouraged, to grow the participation on both sides.)

    This might even work as a way to add a reason to do lower tier dungeons or dealing with open world areas in a PvE fashion too. Needing to deal with the power of the curse cropping up in certain areas. (Just do something like dynamic stat caps on gear if you're worried about players just mowing down everything at once and having zero challenge, if you don't want to revamp mobs.)

  • Shorehold actually popped at 1 AM (my time)...I was asleep rip. I would like a pvp guardian mission though, it could be pretty fun

  • What about a new area(pvp) which both servers could enter together with no limits of players since battlegrounds are DEAD

  • @Luccasbr said:
    What about a new area(pvp) which both servers could enter together with no limits of players since battlegrounds are DEAD

    hmm sound interesting, they can make that only player with elite can enter lol. Something like CU but instanced.

  • You know that any suggestions made here will never ever be put into the game nor heard right? You'd have to directly contact BHS for that and be in Korea for 0.000001% of any suggestions here being implemented because right now it is a flat 0%.

    All this talk is unfortunately useless.

  • Maldicion159Maldicion159 ✭✭
    edited December 2019

    @asusm5 said:

    sorcerer very complex ?? lol

    you are understandably confused

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