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Stuck in TERA Shop without anything to click or exit the shop once I click purchase

I was trying to check out some rides in the in-game TERA Shop. I clicked on one of the rides, but it wouldn't let me purchase or check the price for it, or worse, I could not exit out of that page.
My cursor could move around and it worked just fine. When I hover on the character, it turns to a cross cursor as it always does when we can rotate our character.
The problem is there was nothing else for me to click, or any button for me to press so I could exit or purchase. I had to manually close the game to go to the TERA shop again, just to see this issue reoccur.
Can someone please help me on this?
(I don't see any link for me to upload my screenshot to this post. Please do your best to picture it through my words)


  • Sorry I forgot to add my info.
    My character name is Peanutoo, a level 65 Brawler in Velika server.
    Everything works fine for me, for now, other than this issue in the TERA store.
    Thank you!

  • Just to clarify, by in-game store, do you mean the Dressing Room? Could you upload a screenshot of what you're seeing?

  • Yes! the Dressing Room! Unfortunately, I really do not know how to upload a screenshot here because I don't see anything for me to click to attach my screenshots. I only see URLs and hyperlink.

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