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En Masse Steam linking Button missing

Why? How should I link steam when the button isn't there….


  • I was about to ask the same thing.

  • You should be able to find the account linking options here, hopefully:

  • I'm in connection with the support, theres a problem with all the changes from En Masse, Gameforge and Steam as well as the Steam remove/disable and readding/enabling it.

    For example in my case they say: My account data is in gameforge but my character/currency and everything else is in En Masse, I can't even login into Gameforge anymore and no email is connected to the recovery. So I tried to make certain steam functions working as well as getting the prime reward what needs a linked steam account to En Masse. He asked me which server I'm on to register the prime reward, I've asked him about the steam link but got no answer yet.

    It's pretty funny how full of self proofen mistakes all this is espescially the emails but let's wait. I really want a telephone number to conact them directly because like this the chances are 50/50 at best but probably a lot lower.

    Just to Show you the no button: https://imgur.com/xS091o1

    I hope for good answers but the Devs Need to see this nonsense of CONTRADICTIONS but I'm sure the next excuse Comes pretty soon.

  • Okay, it may be that you can only link Steam in reverse: by logging into TERA from Steam, and then from the launcher logging into your EME account (which will link them).

    But if upon launching the game from Steam you get the Gameforge launcher instead, obviously you won't be able to link your EME account. In that case you might have to manually add the NA TERA install in Steam (either by using a VPN, or manually going to NA Steam link).

    In any case, I hope the issue works out for you.

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