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Accepting Players for Dungeons



  • @Zinwrath This is one of the biggest problems in mmorpg.
    the staff "let the players do what they want in the game" we all know that letting the players do what they want they always ends up abusing the system that is happening with the kick.

    @counterpoint a summary you just said and "I already have a way to solve the problem but we don't do it because it pisses off the hardcore players"

    lowers the difficulty of the game hardcore players will do what? leave the game?
    Most new players some old are not leaving because of the current difficulty (not accepting weak)?

    Be these players want difficulty and quite simple solves.
    Instead of going in a 20 player raid and easily raiding just go with 10 ~ 15 player for more difficulty.
    put some bonus for having - player in the bigger drop or something.

    1- Automatic beginners use matchmaking and unknowingly take a random kick and stop playing (no incentive required)
    2- this is what the staff should be doing, but I haven't seen a rule in the forum about it.
    3- lowers the difficulty of the game would solve it, the players have to learn the mechanics of the boss playing because this is the experience that the game has to offer and not watching video on youtuber (would not count as spoiler? And who nobody likes spoiler) )
    4- this only happens because there is no control over the action of the players, no and because you play as a hardcore whale that has gone on for years tera will want a novice to have the same gaming experience as these hardcore (novices should still try to find a class they like).
    5- as player has no faith because the staff does nothing for the better nor tries to control the toxicity that exists in the game, that's why people said that this game is dying, because they don't see the staff trying to solve the problems.

    Knows the "snowball effect" lets this snowball grow so it will bring even more trouble and an error (and is already in a gigantic state).

    "It's a problem worthy of discussion and worthy of a solution, but it's also not easy to see a major change."
    The only problem is that they are trying to please a group of old people wanting difficulty, instead of trying to please the young people want a playable game.

  • "When people kick well-meaning but inexperienced new players, they aren't thinking about supporting the long-term health of the game or helping build the player population, just about the inconvenience to their current run. That has become culturally accepted because a) there's no in-game benefit for people to keep an "unoptimized" party with noobies (in fact there's a cost because entries are limited by adventure coins; a bad run is stamina and time wasted), b) there's no disincentive at all for the people initiating the kicks (no risk of punishment if the majority agrees to kick; no accountability for unfair kicking), and c) a lot of people don't believe in the long-term future of the game so don't care about the role people they don't know may have in keeping the game alive long-term."

    Remember back during the original BRNM/BRHM patch where you got bonus drops for taking newbies and people that weren't skilled? Why not re-implement that. And please don't mention that silly mentor system that they had for IMSing solo queue and getting into a party with someone that was new, that was terribly implemented.

  • @PP597W94LA While I believe it to be true the staff and player relationship to be important, I do not believe blaming the staff for a community behavioral issue to be fair. Changes made by the staff to correct a long lasting behavioral issue will inevitably anger one side of the player base. As it was mentioned before lowering the difficulty will make the hardcore player completely lose interest, will make the game dull. can look at it like this hardcore players maintain the game alive and new players help the game grow a healthy relationship between both needs to be encourage which I think is where it has been handled less than optimal.

    @counterpoint The kick function is widely abuse at this point mainly due to factors you've highlighted reward/repercussion. There are systems in the game which can be expanded upon to limit the amount of kicks and reward, group play.

    Best solution I can offer:

    • Utilizing adventure coins as a reward/repercussion

      1. The kick function should cost adventure coins(AC), for the player initiating and players who click "yes" in a increasing manner for each kick attempt I.E. 20 AC for first attempt 30 AC second so on. Initiating the kick should cost AC regardless of successful kick or not

      2.Upon completing dung with a player ranked as rookie should reward some AC for the entire group I.E. 5-15 AC

      Traditionally instanced group content, was a way to initiate in group problem solving and communication, that is completely gone adding the cost will ideally encourage players to work together. Reason people kick each other is hoping to get a new player to have an smoother easier run that should cost something.

    I think changes specially on a long-term issue like this should be added incrementally not all at once, for the sake of seeing what is working and what is not. I do agree some encouragement its needed in order to establish a better veteran and newbie relationship.

  • PP597W94LAPP597W94LA ✭✭
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    I've said it before, best thing and lower the difficulty

    these players don't know what they want
    They want a challenge, just that they kick any player who can difficulty things.
    Which means they just want to make the dg 100% chance of success.
    where is the challenge in making a raid that you are 100% sure will complete?

    if the difficulty is low and they get complained "we want a real challenge" just go in raid with allowed - player or bad equipment (i do that when some dg gets too easy)

    be they were strong enough to raid it easily and their own fault, no one forced them to be strong.
    more are forcing other players to be strong.

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    @PP597W94LA said:
    I've said it before, best thing and lower the difficulty

    Truthfully, no matter how many times you keep saying it, they're not going to do that. It has too many other repercussions to the game. The idea of adding a new player bonus is much more feasible (considering they've even done something like it before).

  • PP597W94LAPP597W94LA ✭✭
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    well, be tried once and chose remove and never use and why it doesn't work (can't remember).

    it depends on the way they do it will just pop up "bot account" be taking advantage of it or just will pop up "leech" plus dg just wanting to win the item effortlessly.

  • PP597W94LAPP597W94LA ✭✭
    edited January 10

    The idea of ​​adding a new player bonus may even be good, but it doesn't mean that people will no longer be selective to let people enter the raid.
    could be even worse than now as "only my known friends who are returning to play because of the bonus can get into the raid".
    anyway i'm retreating from this topic now i started to lose faith in it again.

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