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Anyone else still have connection issues?

No idea why servers are so messed up for me, barely connected for like 5 days now.....back tot the not able to select a character or 0/hp 0/mana cant act with anything empty world...ran repairs and all that stuff and wrote a ticket with no answer. Report says its a PORT fail, about to stop trying seems like devs dont care at all.


  • I am right now as of Sunday morning, January 12th. It's the same huge delay lag like the other day, but it doesn't appear to be lasting as long.

  • I was just booted from game. Trying to get back in is an issue again like the other day.

  • Random lags happen but now I can't play. Constant lag or disconnect. 5 disconnects in 10 minutes.

  • Yeah I give up, onto something else until they can fix things I guess haha

  • Havent been able to get past character selection screen for a couple of days now CS seem not that interested

  • Weird I can use all my characters but one, when i choose the one the crash happens, I was crafting and queued for an instance when it crashed on me. Ticket for a long time still not resolved. Over 30 hours

  • seraphinushseraphinush ✭✭✭✭

    I've been able to play perfectly fine since the last reset, i play from west coast, NA with an average 75 ms ping.

  • nuancednuanced somewhere in south america

    same here ... no issues at all .

    however that doesn't mean other people aren't still having problems . my girlfriend , for example , can't log her main character anymore . and just like someone said above , she can login any character other than her main . when she tries to login her priest tho , the character selection screen gets locked on it and she has to crash the game , just like it was happening before the "emergency maintenance" we had a few days ago .

    we might try opening a support ticket but have anyone else here in this thread had any luck with that ? '-'

  • nuancednuanced somewhere in south america

    oh , something i forgot to mention is that ...

    although her character shows offline in my friend's list , it is always online in the guild's member list . which is weird af and somewhat funny too , since when she is on another character both show online at the same time '-'

  • edited January 14

    Sometimes when there are server issues a character can get stuck like that. In that case, definitely do send a ticket and the GM will just warp your character somewhere safe and they should be good to go again. As long as you can login to a different character, it shows that it's the character not the whole install that's the problem, so should be something a ticket can fix.

  • nuancednuanced somewhere in south america

    the thing is ...

    everything was fine until yesterday tho . she even managed to login her priest , but crashed suddenly and that's when it started . and then i saw this thread so it made me wonder if the issue was still ongoing but to a lesser extent . anyways , we were waiting for maint to see if it gets fixed on it's own . if not we're gonna contact support ;o

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