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Help me bring Mass PvP back

Just finished looking at some "why do you still play" threads. I'm currently not playing but my reason was/is the same as many others. Friends, combat, and PvP.

I went to check the PvP section of the forums, its gone... So I ended up on youtube rewatching what made me love the game. Competitive PvP/GvG videos. I used to stay up watching Man Up and Shatter videos joining both at some point. Watching Overpower and Goodfight skyring matches. Messaging people to learn tips and tricks. Highkey still a Haiimon fan idc.

And I played alot went from noob to active noob being in or helping lead pvp guilds. Im hoping theres still a couple people who remember me and the old times of mass pvp battles. Allies or enemies because I'd like to start fun owpvp again. Not just killing 3 or 4 ppl.

CU was fun for a while but its stale. I've started events like this before be it just attacking or killing anyone or with other guilds like 20v20s with manifest, 6 guild 10v10s, creating 7 guild alliance to contest for rank 1 in CU.

Comment or message me if you've interested.
Please keep the posts non-toxic. This really is just someone who really liked this game trying to bring fun to the community.



  • Reserving for updates and GvG videos
  • Mass pvp is interesting but hard to balance. Itd be hard to organize an event around that. If you can pull it off tho lmk and I'll see what I can do to help.

    There is a pvp event going on right now. This week is gridiron and 3s. Next week is sh and cs. Its brought some life to pvp and personally I've had a lot of fun with it.
  • GearsSickGearsSick ✭✭
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    It was never meant to be balanced imo with gear/numbers/lag/pots all be factors. It was just to pvp for the sake of pvping. Showing who could coordinate or follow directions and thats what set apart most guilds. Good examples of that are guilds like Man up or Manifest who have strong vocal leaders that made good calls.

    The current pvp events also played a part into this. It could take somone a day to make a character from VK get apex 65 and atleast +6 gear so its opened to more than just KT. Also yeah i want to see how many people would be interested in it at all before i start organizing anything

  • remove CU
    bring back fwc
    old gvg

    and we good in content for a year.

    (also get rid of the stupid pvp and its rng effects)
    why the [filtered] does everything in the game has to be [filtered] rng.

    a man can dream. PEPEHANDS

  • remove CU
    bring back fwc
    old gvg

    totally agree with you !!!

  • GearsSickGearsSick ✭✭
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    I feel like it's easy to say bring this back, bring that back.

    Alliance was ok but it had flaws. I enjoyed skirmishes or raid fights that escalated from ibams or dailies because my guilds did that alot. Ranking had its issues (still salty I lost exarch to someone who got the extra 1k credits for leveling), the weekly thing on Saturdays was boring. When people got gear it was probably the most dead the game has ever been to date.

    Reworked Fraywind was terrible where kills>caps, that should honestly stay dead.

    I do think an updated version of the Crusades could immediately rejuvenate pvp as a whole seeing as all aspects of pvp were applied to it in a ranking sense that benefited guilds and created a community. There really was no reason to take them out. Maybe instead of top 10 of each it could be top 5 or a top 10 with both PvP and PvE being taken into account. It was way too easy to rank, I literally had a castle on MT, LoT, Vot, Hw, and Ch with just 2-5 man guilds.

  • The beginning of the end of the pvp was allowing awakening...This allowed only people with all the free time and all the golds to get it, which excluded majority of player base. Having only certain peeps get it, unbalanced and left the competition with gear carry vs actual skill. Years later, the game has yet to recover. See the same 20 people running grid over and over, IF it even pops. Another thing that killed the BGs was making CS only 65 and up. It used to be so much fun and had WAY more people playing.

  • I agree!! please bring FWC back that was the best fun ... much better then shorehold

  • AnungAnung ✭✭

    I support you buddy !

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