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Archdevan oil

Sorry about the scrub question, I am just getting into the game and have a lot of questions. I am trying to upgrade my armor but it requires archdevan oil and the only place I see where I can obtain it is from velik's hold. The problem is that I can spend hours in the queue for velik's hold and a group never forms. Is there another way to get archdevan oil?


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    if you're willing to spend gold, buy semi enigmatic scrolls from the broker, disassemble them to entropic emblems, then disassemble those for enigmatic emblems that you can exchange for mats like archdevan oil.

    Note that this is only if you are desperate and have gold to blow.

  • The purple "A New Start" quest chain awards all the materials you need to upgrade the Twistshard armour & associated accessories w/o having to run any dungeons (apart from the solo instances involved in the quests). You get the oils from the last few quests of that series.

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