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Getting TERA PC to work with GeForce Experience


Not sure if this has already been addressed on these forums or not, but, if you want to get TERA working with GeForce Experience, you have to install TERA under C:\Program Files\Tera.

This means with the new launcher and installer experience you can't use the default location under C:\users\Public.

The process I followed to get it working:
1. During the installation of the launcher I specified C:\Program Files\Tera as the location for the launcher to install.
2. During the installation of the game itself, I specified C:\Program Files as the location for the game to install - it will use the Tera folder above created to install the game files (the game always expects a folder named Tera, so if you just specify C:\Program Files it will pick up the folder you created with the launcher installation step above).

I really don't think this is a TERA issue - seems like its more of an NVidia issue - basically GeForce experience expects the game binaries to be in very specific hard-coded folders, so when a publisher decides to change where that gets installed, NVidia doesn't always do a great job of updating GeForce experience to reflect that change.

And no- its not as simple as adding the new folders to the directories that GeForce experience scans looking for new games. I tried that and it didn't work. GeForce Experience absolutely expects the game binaries to be installed in C:\Program Files\Tera for some stupid bizzare reason.

Anyway hope this helps people struggling with this. GeForce Experience is great because it reduces the overhead of tweaking graphics settings in games according to what NVidia hardware you have in your system. Its especially nice for those who use gaming laptops because it has "whisper mode" settings that help tweak settings so you get maximum performance and quality balance without overheating your laptop or running the battery down.


  • FWIW, I have the game installed in a very unusual custom location and it's detected properly in GeForce Experience (I even have copies of the EU/JP/KR clients installed in other esoteric locations and it finds all of them).

    Generally I wouldn't recommend putting it in Program Files because a) on 64-bit systems that's for 64-bit applications (and TERA isn't currently 64-bit; there's Program Files (x86) for 32-bit apps), and b) writing to that folder requires Admin permissions by default. The reason the launcher installs in C:\users\public\ by default is because all users can write there without admin permissions by default, and the game itself doesn't need admin permissions to run. If you place it in Program Files, it might need Admin permissions at least to install and patch (if not to run).

    So anyway I guess I'd just recommend others to try it first in its default location, and only move if required (and even then I'd try other locations before choosing Program Files, if at all possible).

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    I don't even have Tera installed on my main drive.
    I use a ssd as a main drive and I don't want tera eating up that space.
    I have it on it's own drive atm, an ssd and it works fine with Geforce Experience
    I had no issues whatsoever it just worked and never had to use the C drive for this.

  • "Its especially nice for those who use gaming laptops"
    For your laptop's sake, you might want to mess with that as little as possible, NVIDIA's tools are worse than "poorly optimized" for laptops; they can become harmful fast.
    Best avoid Experience altogether and use the slightly more reliable NVIDIA panel to add tera's binary, which dodges your entire issue.

    To be fair, the only NVIDIA tool you should ever touch on laptops is Inspector, but as expected of one that's actually functional instead of being eye candy, it's not user friendly.

  • EjjEjj ✭✭

    Been trying to figure out why for a few months. Kind of a bummer that it has to be installed under the main drive as I install all of my games & other programs under another driver. Reason being I don't have enough space to install a lot of stuff under my main whilst I'm fine to install as much I want under another drive & I like to keep organized of which files goes where. Thanks for this info though.

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