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Fishing Problems

Hello I’m a new for the first time discussion to problems.

For this reason problem:
-Most players “Hate” using Ash Saplings Rod because has add 0.3% chance BAF per upgrade and expensive than Xermetal Rod has add 3% chance high-grade fish and 1.5% decrease waiting time. Ash Sapling Rod is underpower.

-Ash Sapling and Fairy Wing Rod has a wrong effect(Not Xermetal Rod). For example Ash Sapling Rod I has effect 3% increase chance BAF and 0.3% decrease waiting time then same(3%) increase chance BAF and 0.6%. **That decrease waiting time is consider BAF chance.**

-All fishing rods and angler whiskers prices are way more overpriced and not worth it

-Deliver 2 Fish Crates a day is not worth it(Federation Resource Manager).

-Deliver 20 Fishes a day is not worth it(Association Fishmonger)

If not then All players wasting more time or don’t fishing.


  • In my experience its better to just use and upgrade the xermetal rod, the overall decrease to the wait time and higher chance for a better fish is superior to the ash sapling. If you use popo or popori bait, then the ash sapling is quite useless. In addition, you can make up to 10,000 gold per day turning in 20 BAFs, I know in the grand scheme of things that isnt alot of money, but its great supplemental income for only spending around 30-45 minutes fishing.

  • Very true. I'm just sad fishing isn't all year long :(
  • ExipheusExipheus Kazura (XB1 NA Lakan ) mod
    edited August 2019

    @BellaFe said:
    Very true. I'm just sad fishing isn't all year long :(

    Fishing is a permanent activity. The ONLY thing being removed regarding fishing, is using the special summer fishing fait to collect more tokens. Fishing isn't going away :)

  • Hey I just wanted ask am I the only one who has a problem seeing what fish to deliver?
    Every time I go to see what to fish it doesn’t show up.
    I’m level 50 and like to be honest something has to be done about the rewards outta it is just a bunch of grind to still get screwed... Also I’m on P4 ads me TsukiUsagi123 looking for friends also.
  • Without the beer... is it really fishing though? ;)
  • Il est vrai que le bijou de barbe du pêcheur est presque inutile on le vois presque aucune différence avec ou sans ( uper a un certain niveau ) et le prix pour le monter au maximum est très couteux. Les statistiques de la canne a pêche en frêne est maigre par rapport aux autres aussi. Un rééquilibrage serait approprié.
  • Dark, you will only see if they accept the fish if you have some in your inventory.They are not listed like on PC version if you click when you have no fish.

    Gen, any rod and bait combo can catch BAF. Upgrading rod and learning higher bait allows you to catch higher level normal fish that sell for more. Not every fish is sell-able every day to fishmonger. It may also vary by location.

    BAF will always be biggest sellers if they are buying that type. About 500g ea. I've discovered items said to make catching BAF 'eaiser-some percent don't really seem to at all. It's just a matter of figuring out how to reel them in. In order to do that, you want to be able to hook as many as you can. Popori bait from the store makes them bite very often. That actually does work. But honestly, you can use old rod and normal bait and catch one if you can get it on the line. I have done this several times this week on alt I started. So rods? Whatever you fancy really. Any of them will do the job. Personally, I would upgrade a xemetel for everyday fishing/selling/cooking

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