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"not secure" login?

Hi so when i am on the tera website ( on the tabs: game, news, community section)
i noticed on top on my web address bar, it says "not secure"
so if i click "sign in" , i get a login popup to enter my email and password.

the address bar still says "not secure" as im signing in.

does that mean my information would be leaked all those years? its been like this.


  • Shouldn't be anything to worry about.
    That login window and anything having to do with your account is handled by En Masse's account management system (https://account.enmasse.com/). Any connections to there are secure. If you inspect the source of the page you can see that the login window is simply embedded and all of your information goes here: https://account.enmasse.com/remote_logins

    The only mild concern you may have about your information is part of their fraud prevention which some may consider invasive. If you want, you can read more about it in a fairly comprehensive post here.

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