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Reaper issue: Cannot level or gain xp

Hi. I hope someone can help. I am pretty new. I just made a reaper and am in the reaper start area. The character seems to be glitched, or the game. I cannot level or gain xp. I can't get the story to progress because...

she has to use a certain skill on target dummies. The skill is not learned until 52 but I am stuck at 51. I've gone all over the zone and have killed dozens of mobs. Even one of the big basilisks. I keep checking her progress after kills. It's stuck at 1/ howevermanymillion.

All mobs are at least her level. There are no other quests. There is no flight master or teleporter that i can find. I have sent a cutthroat harbor scroll from another character but I don't want to use it until I can be sure I can get back and complete the story. From the looks of it, mobs in the open world would not give experience either. I would be just as stuck. I have tried relogging and turning the PS4 completely off and back on.


  • Crossing my fingers it's from the update and will be resolved when it's over. Otherwise, I guess I will put in a ticket

  • Solved without pestering the nice folks in support. Deleted character and made a new one. Everything worked fine. The 1st one had somehow not gotten 2 quests that gave her the level she needed to have the skill unlocked to do the quest she was stuck on. Maybe due to a game-wide buff? IDK, but she jumped right over 2 of them. Sorry for multiple posts but I wanted to follow up in case anyone else has that issue. Say hi to Pestalencia if you see her around. (probably near a fishing hole )

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