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Where did story quests go?

I started 2 Characters before Popori Brawler and now cannot advance them because story quests I was working on are nowhere to be found :anguished:


  • My Archer is stuck at level 59 and my Mystic at level 58
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    Same issue. I have a reaper lvl 61. Storyline she was working on abruptly stopped 2 days ago at 70% of level. Only vanguard quests are fishing, hunting orisks, which are 63 and impossible for her or a dungeon with no solo mode. Have looked all over HIghwatch and Velika for anything with xp. Sier in Velika started o send me to Pori Elinu for that old storyline and lost his memory function right in the middle of it. I went anyway and found nothing. Heh, 2 weeks ago you had vanguard quests duplicating everything you were killing, from level 10 on up. Now you need level 20 just to hunt basilisks. 43 warrior in same boat. her story just stopped right in the middle. I logged at that point, exasperated. Not sure if she has any doable vanguard quests either. :(

  • @Leilag said:
    I started 2 Characters before Popori Brawler and now cannot advance them because story quests I was working on are nowhere to be found :anguished:

    Couple things I discovered that may help a tiny bit while we wait for a response. Check your zone quest tab. some things may be in there. Probably no xp side quests but never know and maybe they might lead to another story line. Also, i discovered after trying 5 or 6 times to kill orisks that killing regular mobs my level or a bit higher gives a small amount of xp. Not very much. I went up 3% in about half an hour killing bears and moose in the area. It's a slow way to grind up to the next level where hopefully something will unlock. I do hope they change back to how things were a few weeks ago when quest were more than plentiful.


    Main Story Quests Reorganization (Levels 11–64)
    Main Story Quest Reorganization
    We reorganized main story quests between levels 11–64.
    We modified the recommended level to ease level congestion situation and re-organizing mission quests’ story groups.
    We improved some quests, and added new mission quests to link the stories.
    Recommended level for Argon-related quests which were in the “Argon War” and “Fire for Effect” story groups:
    New Story Group Quest Name Before After
    Apparition of the False Lok Cleansing Tirkai 59 35
    The Vanguard Initiative Confident Support 59 60
    Fraya's Fury Building a Mysterium 59 47
    Hope and Anguish The Three Towers 59 57
    Sole Survivor 59 57
    Argon War Fire for Effect 60 64
    The Goddess of War 60 64
    Into the Heart of Darkness 60 64
    Cyasma Spire 60 64
    Finding the Flame 60 64
    An End to War 60 64
    Quest Progress Log

    If a player has one of these quests, the quest log information for it will be automatically adjusted to the new information.
    This will also reset the final quest of the story group.
    *Any quests related to the final quest will be cleared automatically when the final quest resets.
    *Note that some quests will not be automatically cleared, because completing them also completes a feat. Players should check their quest logs to see which of their quests are still active.
    Story Quest Rewards Change

    We improved the XP and rewards of story quests.

    You can receive finished equipment as a reward when completing story quests.
    You can also receive uncommon or rare glyphs as rewards.
    The level 23 quest “For Valor Above and Beyond” now has “Flying Skill: Tulpar” as a reward.
    We deleted the quest “Morick's Research Paper,” which was giving the same reward.
    Players will also receive gold, enchantment materials, battle consumables, and crystals as story quest rewards.

    Change in Vanguard Requests

    We have removed some Vanguard Requests that duplicated story quests. The rewards for these requests are now included in the story quest rewards.
    Change in Zone Quests

    The mission quests listed below have changed to zone quests.
    These quests will be deleted from the quest log, but players can take the quest again by visiting the NPC that provides the quest.
    Story Group Quest
    Cultists' Conspiracy Scruffy Kumas Herders
    Cultists' Conspiracy
    Mattin's Report (Formerly: For Valor Above and Beyond)
    Sister Acts A Tale of Two Tails
    Sibling Rivalry
    The Domain of Witches
    The Precocious Apprentice
    Traces of the Gods Shakan, Not Stirred
    Goddess' Truth
    To the Wild Jungle A New Breed
    Dagon's Treasure
    Castanica Like a Brother to Me
    The Long Goodbye
    Smoldering Bloodshard
    Balder's Refuge To the Garden of the Sun
    Keepers of the Sun
    Seren's Lake
    Into the Light
    Under Balder's Eye
    Zone Quests no longer provide XP rewards, but we have improved the item rewards for completing them.
    Developer’s Comment
    Although TERA is a vast world with its own story, some of those stories don’t get finished. Players don’t always complete story quests, or they out-level the quest’s level, or maybe the player just skips the story quests altogether, to pursue a different way of reaching maximum level. When players don’t experience these stories, we feel, they’re missing out on some of what makes TERA such a rich and rewarding setting.
    To address this, we decided to reorganize how the game treats certain quests. Our hope is that, by changing mission quests from level 11 to level 64, we can not just ease character level progression, but also draw players further into the world of TERA.
    The main change we made was to tie together some “fragmented” storylines, to focus more on the argon menace, so that no matter how fast characters level up, the argons will always be a lurking danger that’s appropriate to the character’s level.
    Meanwhile, in the process of improving the quests, we trimmed away some supplementary stories from main story quests, to put more focus on the main story. As a result, some of those story quests became zone quests.

    That made us take a closer look at zone quests, and we concluded that the rewards for zone quests were obsolete, and quite useless for leveling up. So we deleted meaningless XP rewards from zone quests, and added goods or equipment tokens as rewards, to help users not just level up their characters, but their gear, more easily.


    The tooltips of quest items have been enhanced to better deliver the quest’s story.
    Certain items may drop at later points in quest lines than before.
    The following quest items cannot be destroyed, but can be sold:
    Memento of the First Sacrifice
    Memento of the Second Sacrifice
    Memento of the Third Sacrifice
    Obtaining Equipment during Main Story Quests (Levels 11–64)

    Monsters no longer drop relic pieces for weapons.
    Weapons (including avatar weapons), armor, and accessories drop from monsters in hunting zones, or in dungeons.
    Players now receive level-appropriate gear during main story quests.
    Equipment Drops

    The maximum enchantment level for gear gained during main story quests is now lower, but the stat increases for each enchantment level are higher.
    Previously, enchanting equipment required feedstock and alkahest. Now, players need only one kind of material: Relic Fragments for enchanting weapons, and Relic Shards for enchanting body armor, handwear, or footwear.
    We have increased the enchantment success rate to 100% at all enchantment levels.
    Equipment Grade and Level

    Because the level required to equip items has increased, we modified the equipment grades to Uncommon > Rare > Superior.
    We increased the item level of avatar weapons by 25.
    Crystal Slots

    We increased the number of available crystal slots on gear according to equipment level (the level required to equip the gear).
    All 4 slots are available for weapons at level 32, and for armor at level 38.
    Random Equipment Option

    When players obtain a relic weapon, it will have a single random option.
    Armor and accessories now have a random option when the equipment is obtained (instead of an option that the player selects).

    Level 58 or higher armor still lets the player select the option(s).
    Soulbound Gear

    Gear from story quests will be soulbound when acquired. The character can equip the gear without going through the soulbinding process.
    Existing Story Quest Gear and Equipment

    Relic weapons acquired before this update now have a “[Legacy]” tag in the item name. The stats remain the same as before.
    Armor and accessories acquired before the update will also have the same stats as before.

    Addition of Solo Dungeons
    To prevent dungeon matching from becoming an impediment to progressing mission quests, certain missions will now have one-player dungeons:
    Dungeon Name Related Quest
    Necromancer Tomb (Solo) Freeing Kaidun
    Golden Labyrinth (Solo) Fraya's Faith
    Akasha's Hideout (Solo) Search and Destroy
    Saleron's Sky Garden (Solo) Test of the God
    Labyrinth of Terror (Solo) Labyrinth of Terror
    Ebon Tower (Solo) Thulsa's Doom
    Kelsaik's Nest (Solo) The Harbinger of Annihilation
    Manaya's Core (Solo) An End to War
    These dungeons only reward XP as a result of completing the story quest.
    Killing named bosses in solo dungeons can also reward players with level-appropriate accessories and enchantment materials.

    Dungeon Level Adjustment
    Manaya’s Core (5-person) level has been adjusted to be a level 64 dungeon, due to quest route rearrangement.
    *Argon Corpus remains a level 60 dungeon since users can complete the story quest “An End to War” without visiting Argon Corpus.

    Vanguard Request—Dungeons
    We adjusted the number of tokens awarded for completing Vanguard Request dungeons, as well as the items available in the token shop, and the price of those items.
    The number of tokens has increased from 1 to 5.
    The price of armor in the token shop has been adjusted to 5 tokens per piece.
    Glyph Boxes and Glyph Tokens now cost 5 tokens.
    Crystals are now available in the supplies section of the token shop.
    For existing tokens, the supplies list and prices will remain the same.

    Hunting Zones
    Change in items dropped by monsters
    *We adjusted the drop items for monsters in main story quests:

    Monsters in hunting zones no longer drop relic parts or crystals.
    Monsters in hunting zones can drop tokens, which can be exchanged for weapons, armor, accessories, combat consumables, armor, and crystals.
    Hunting Zone Level Adjustments
    We adjusted the zone level of the Argon Fields in Northern Shara based on the routes of quests in the area.
    We also adjusted when hunting zone quests become available (and the recommended level for them) according to the quest’s region and zone level.
    We also deleted or revised some zone quests as new Argon Mission quests.
    Region Zone Before After
    Val Tirkai Thrallhold 58–60 45–47
    Three Towers 58–60 53–57
    Tirkai Forest 58–60 32–34
    Helkan District Khanovar Front 59–60 63–64
    Val Kaeli Argonea 59–60 63–64
    Granarkus 59–60 64–65
    Changes in Vanguard Requests
    *Solo hunting and gathering requests from level 11–64 will be deleted.
    *We adjusted the number of tokens awarded for completing Vanguard Request solo boss kills, as well as the items available in the token shop, and the price of those items.

    The number of tokens rewarded has increased from 1 to 5.
    The price of armor in the token shop has been adjusted to 5 tokens.
    The price of Glyph Boxes and Glyph Tokens has been adjusted to 5 tokens.
    Crystals are now available in the supplies section of the token shop.
    For existing tokens, the supplies list and prices will remain the same.
    Developer’s Comment
    Solo normal Vanguard Requests tend to share target monsters with mission quests. This often results in the mini-map being covered with markers, leading to confusion.

    Also, even though solo normal hunting requests tend to be less efficient than solo boss killing request, Vanguard Request is unconditionally giving guides to the players, forcing inefficient growth route.

    Therefore, we deleted solo normal requests, and adjusted field monsters’ drop item specifications so that players can receive substantial rewards while freely hunting normal monsters in fields.

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