Tera SteamChart stats?

I'm just wondering, I was searching steamchart for Tera steam user player count, and it pop'd up 3 versions Tera, New Update, The Next. Which one is the actual NA playercount?


  • EllexemEllexem ✭✭✭


    You can get the ID by going to the community hub page and then looking at the address bar up top of your Steam client.

    Not that it's the actual NA player count in total, just those who are still using Steam. (Which, given the mess with the new launcher, is likely in itself a falling number on top of any population decline, given what a few people have said about no longer using Steam.) That there is a downward trend is likely very accurate, but the actual numbers aren't the actual totals.

    For the sake of reference, the EU version:

  • Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation.

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