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Risk of Golden Talent Bottleneck

The new patch brought some very much needed relief by relieving the grind for current endgame mats and reducing the monotony of only having a few dungeons being worth running.

That being said, there is a new issue. Many of the old mats which no longer have a purpose and have been removed, with metamorphic emblems replacing gear upgrade mats all the way to HO+0. However, golden and silver talents are still needed for radiant accessories and for the conversion of gear to the mystic variants. Silver talents are still relatively farmable through battlegrounds...but golden talents have had nearly all their sources removed.

The only three places where I could find them were lock boxes, Kumas Royale BG, and vanguard credits.

  • Lock boxes are already unfeasible to farm for the majority of players, so I am not even going to consider them as reasonable.
  • Kumas Royale...I do not know the rate at which these are farmed, but considering you must win in order to receive 4 chests that probably give 4-5 gold OR silver talents at best, this is not reasonable at the rates required to enchant accessories.
  • Vanguard credits... all I am going to say is that it takes approximately 400 credits to get one golden talent. Not reasonable.

I hope someone can correct me and point out another way to farm golden talents, otherwise we will once again see a golden talent bottleneck in the near future.


    edited April 8

    I imagine they might do a strongbox event in the future again, but knowing eme it would probably be a while before they add more GT sources

  • 66ECX7NAN766ECX7NAN7 ✭✭✭✭

    Celestial Arena, Ace Dungeons

  • Elinu1Elinu1 Canada ✭✭✭✭

    @66ECX7NAN7 said:
    Celestial Arena, Ace Dungeons

    you get 20 golden talent for like 2-3 minutes per arena which is nice, you can also farm tier 3 IoD bams they drop 9 per 10 kills and are a joke with new gear

  • MargaretRoseMargaretRose ✭✭✭✭✭

    Will most likely be added once more to the cash shop to "solve" the problem.

  • I have 20k from Ace dungeons and celestial arenas. It takes 15 minutes to clear all of your runs for the day.

  • TYoung11TYoung11 ✭✭✭

    I can't say that I find the sources to be enjoyable (they bring back bad memories of endless Island of dawn farm for talents...) but at least it appears there are still ways of obtaining them for players without stashes.

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