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Dungeons are unbalanced



  • I started playing in 2014. At the time here was the list of level 65 dungeons -

    Ravenous Gorge
    Shattered Fleet
    Pit of I don't remember, had the darkan type boss with the iframe snake mechanic
    Bathysmal Rise (7 player)
    Bathysmal Rise Hard Mode
    Akeron's Inferno
    Akeron's Inferno Hard Mode
    Sky Cruiser Endeavor
    Timescape Hard Mode

    That was it, no neophyte either except Bathysmal Rise 7 player and there you got 5 every run every time. No one complained. Next patch they removed 50% of the dungeons and gave us Kalivan and Forsaken Island. Seems we have a good shake right now. Back then dungeons like Timescape and Sky Cruiser were on par with some of the hard mode dungeons we have now. Timescale had several wipe mechanics and doing it through IM wasn't only impossible it was unheard of. You couldn't clear the trash pack in the first room much less Yana.

    -TLDR we have it good now
  • I miss BRHM, AIHM and TSHM. I met some of the most toxic people that i've ever met in Tera during timescape that ruined my play experience back then and I would literally see the same people for the next 3 years complaining in global and afking in highwatch until they ragequitted this year and sold all their stuff

    BRHM has always been my favorite dungeon because of the design. I've always kinda loved Kalivans too due to the it being pretty much the only dungeon with a rainy theme, I hope we get them back one day

  • I also love BRHM. I also love TSHM, I think timescape was my favorite dungeon of all time. Yana was such a cool encounter. I used to do learning runs and carries, even through IM. Kalivan's Dreadnaught I dove straight into HM out the gate. I didn't play normal mode until down the road, the rainy parts always did funny things to my GPU for some reason.

    AINM was the dungeon that taught me about the importance of CCB, broke every crystal I had my first run, ouch.
  • This whole argument would be solved if people were just given alternate, albeit more time consuming ways of getting mats. Oh, you want black essence or whatever? Kill x amount of bam to get tokens you can use to buy a certian amount of x mat. Or maybe wow like dungeon rep where you can have a dungeon store where you can spend rep from any dungeon to buy mats. Lower level dungeons give significantly lesser rep. Now the people mad at "Elitists" can just run low level dungeons to slowly aquire the necessary mats to start the higher level dungeons.
    Now that thy are able to access the gear, there is no way to accuse "Elitists" of witholding runs since they cant get gear mats. With their new gear they can learn with eachother.
    But somehow dungeeon rep merchants doesn't exist.
    Of course this system would need tuning but its a win win.
    More of the people complaining about not being able to get gear would be able to get it and then they would have no way to accuse "Elitists" of limiting their content.

  • voidyvoidy ✭✭✭✭✭

    Making progression rooted to M.Cata for a long time was a huge mistake.
    RR and RK9 also aren't good practice, especially with power creep and dungeon nerfs. People basically hit the new cap and then get thrown right into the deep end. Nobody wants to teach all these new people how to play, so they just get stuck doing RR and mcata (poorly) forever while the dwindling number of "good" players shrinks with each patch.

    It's genuinely a waste to even comment here with solutions since the devs don't read and as far as I know the community manager's been fired and hasn't been replaced, but I want to try and be constructive anyway. You need a medium tier of difficulty. You have easy stuff and you have hard stuff but there's nothing in between that teaches people and helps them improve. If you go from faceroll easy content to really difficult stuff with mechanics, most people are just gonna give up.

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