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Of the bosses for the Bounty Hunts, Ortan’s attack patterns are probably the least intuitive for me. So, Ortan’s attacks include a push back that does a large amount of damage, a stun, and notably a gas (fart) attacks. These need to be iframed? Or dodged, i.e. get out of the way? His other attacks can be blocked? Tips? Thank you!


  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    I'm not well versed with his attacks, I just play x) but there are three attacks you need to iframe for sure, and they have fairly long telepgraphs. One is the frontal slam, another is a jump and slam, and the other one is a chain pulling move (this one can be unframed after the pull, no biggie). The rest you can block, except for the fart.. but you can clearly see the area where it damages. Ortan's attacks aren't too hard to master around. The long winding for his strong attacks are what gets people. You'll get it down with practice :)

    You might as well get the practice from dying fighting. We learn through dying xD The same boss can be found in the dungeon TR.

    You can also save the last, say, 30mins of your gameplay with the pre-built recording feature on the PlayStation. So you can watch what you did wrong and get a better sense of the timing. Practice and keep adjusting the timing until you get it right.

    Sorry for the long post, lol. Hopefully I said something that's of help.
  • Thank you. It is helpful. I play a tank & people get mad if you die. ;-). In terms of Thaumetal Refinery, in normal mode at least, the group was over leveled so the fight with the first boss was short. Thank you again for your advice.
  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    haha, yeah. I actually learn more as a healer when I run with random groups, especially if the dungeon run is dragged out long xD

    When learning a boss, you can block everything to see what needs to be iframed instead. As lancer having the shield counter glyphed for more RE is great. Then you can refine your block so that they are short taps on each attack (instead of holding block for across several attacks). For brawler, just spam all attacks and learn the boss's attack rhythm.

    For dungeons though, you can watch a video guide too, maybe even from the point of view is specific classes.

    Are you also in a guild? it's a good place to build your network. Having someone run with you helps calm the nerves :D
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    Haha. Good points.

    Yeah, I watch videos, read dg guides, including Essential Mana.

    I was in a guild but maybe I’m too set in my ways. We did some but not a lot of dg runs; joined it around the time of the patch that made IM mandatory for certain dungeons. Ended up running dgs via IM for guild dailies which kind of seemed to defeat the point of guilds.

    Grinding guild dailies plus doing the content necessary to upgrade my gear got to be a bit much so I left the guild. Nice people though.

    Once I accepted an invite from an acquaintance to run a 5 star red dungeon that I had never run before and the person knew that. But fools rush in .... Since then I don’t ever run a dg w/o reading a dg guide and/or watching a game video. Turn down well-meaning invites, erring on the side of caution.

    Thanks for the good points.

    Yeah, my hat is off to healers.
  • P.S. I wanted to add that I do appreciate IM. It is very egalitarian - you show up & do what you can do with a group of people with diverse game experience & cultures, too. It can work & be fun.
  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
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    The grind is real. I also am burning out already on this weekend double-drop event, heh.

    So I also do other stuff like fishing and feats. Or play another game.

    I agree about IM, for the lower level dungeons. I like to just queue and get matched without the trouble of finding a group myself. It's a good means for people to get practice on their class(es). That's a good thing, and can also be a bad thing lol.

    Hats off to tanks as well. It's not easy to position the boss well. And dealers as well x)
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    Well, hopefully some of the grind was fun and that you got some useful or cool drops.

    (The grind is maybe a way to keep score in the game. :D )

    Variety in a game is good, I think. Yeah, playing other games or enjoying different activities is sometimes much needed or beneficial. Apex is suppose to be coming to console on June 30 and that could be fun; I didn’t play the game on PC so Apex is new for me.

    Yeah, the party dynamics in Tera are interesting and challenging at times. In a Q & A between the developer & Sarumonin, the idea of an ‘Ace Dungeon’ or arena was brought up, and in such an arena, players could pick any boss in the game scaled down to a single person so that players would have an opportunity to practice against the mechanics of the boss. The response by the developer was, “Sounds fun. Let’s review it internally.” (Reference: https://www.sarumonin.com/tera-guides/tera-console-developer-questionnaire/)

    This might help relieve some of the stress in learning a dungeon.

    Obviously, at the moment, there is a big gap of experience, skill, and to some extent, gear, between people who have been playing the game for a while - often with prior experience on PC - and those new (including myself) to the game.

    Anyway, enough words. (Except) thank you.
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