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Where can I find useful bait above grade 3 without mastering processing?

I have chosen to master cooking so the best bait I can make is bait 3. The bait you can buy with angler tokens cost more takens than you get back. You can not buy any bait on the auction house and you can not trade it from person to person. So how am I supposed to get useful bate after level 3?


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    please and thank you

  • RedLynx23RedLynx23 ✭✭

    You can but Popo or Popori Bait with EMP, and there is an event going on right now that will give you chances to earn some Popo and Rainbow Bait. Both are good for catching higher grade fish.

  • Alt. Though you cannot trade bait, you can share it through the bank. Same for tokens, fish fillets and whole fish & other mats needed to upgrade rods.

    Get your rod up to bout level 4 and you'll notice you catch decent grade fish with bait 1 from the vendor.

    Too bad that event is done. That was sweet. I fished all my characters every day and banked all the popouri bait. Used the popo and rainbow for fun and got my smelter to 800 making crates

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