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Red Refuge Hard Mode; tips for tanking Argog

Tips for tanking Argog in hard mode?

Before attempting the dungeon in hard mode, I had read essential mana’s guide, watched videos, cleared normal ten times without dying. But tanking Argog in hard mode was fubar. I fuped.

The party got him down to about 50% health. Up to that point, tanking him as a brawler was pretty similar to normal mode, but while he was 50% or less in health, I couldn’t stay alive. Yeah, he has some unblockable attacks, but blocking didn’t seem to make much difference.

So, but still, block like heck, keep growing fury up, dodge and iframe when needed?


  • LingyiLingyi ✭✭
    edited June 20
    hello again. I've tanked rrhm with lancer, which is trickier with turtling and poking while I imagine brawler is trickiest in gaining back growing fury.

    The boss's unblockables are when teleports to everyone one by one and when he reappears in front of you after he teleports and attacks two players (something about seeking blood), so spread out and be ready to iframe. The spin that pushes you back (you can wait to iframe after he does the back slash). And when he holds his crossed blades in front of him for a second then slashes forward. Also, when he jumps back, disappears and dashes forward. At under 30%, when he reappears and attacks you after teleporting to and attacking a random player, you can block that incoming attack.

    It's all about knowing when an unlockable attack is coming and timing your iframe. You should be able to block everything else, unless you're undergeared and some damage go through.

    As brawler, be aware of your frontal defense skills that are off CD while your growing fury is not active. You've got roundhouse kick + jackhammer/haymaker (if you glyphed rhk. also, rhk doesn't block). And you also have ground pounder. And you've also got counterpunch. The last two cancels animation and are quick to activate. If all of those are on cd, then use regular block. And use (glyphed) piledriver for the chance to reset rhk. At most basic, when everything is off CD you chain basic attacks into block.

    Use mounting rage when necessary and time your attacks so you get critical hits. Which I'm sure you know.

    hope this helps.
  • edited June 20
    Thanks, Lingyi. Your comments are helpful, and to this rookie, on point.

    The tricky part is keeping up growing fury in the latter part of the fight when the boss is running around attacking the party.

    I was able to avoid some of his unblockable attacks. His speed disrupts my timing. Seeing it in videos and playing through it are obviously different. It’s not the gear but my experience, not enough of it. (I feel like my skills are just average, a normal guy.)

    Yes, I have rhk glyphed for the frontal defense effect to jackhammer/piledriver/haymaker. I do like and use ground pounder for its defense and a bit of offense. A big thumbs up to counter punch. Pile driver is also glyphed (opportunistic) for chance to reset.

    Ok, use regular block if all the above are on cd.

    Love mounting rage.

    I’m really glad for your comments. I need to work on better timing and get used to the boss’ attack patterns in hard mode.
  • This is an old discussion but I might have learned something new. Been running regular mode for practice.

    In this last run, when Argog goes nuts & starts attacking people - started to notice the secondary purple colored aggro ring - these attacks I don’t think can be blocked.

    These “secondary” attacks can also target the tank. While maintaining full heath & Growing Fury and attacking constantly to trigger defense, Argog’s attacks reduced my tank’s health by 50% or more, I.e., if not at full health, it will kill the tank even with blocking.

    I think these attacks you just have to dodge or Iframe. Yeah, it is obvious (palm to forehead kind of moment) but the secondary aggro ring is an easy visual cue for me.

    Had an excellent healer in the group so just face tanked and kept going.
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