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Intermediate trial 1 turn-in HELP Plz

before anyone asks if I am blind, I did just have surgery on both eyes, so yeah, kind of :P Still, I'm thinking I should not be having so much trouble finding a quest turn in. I am familiar enough with the game to know that some things are made intentionally not obvious, but I cannot seem to find Anya anywhere after doing the intermediate trial 1 near Acurum. I've done this on multiple characters, both solo and in a group 2 charcters were 65 in the 30 days free gear. Another was at 59 in normal quest gear. I even went to the next one thinking maybe the turn-in was there before entering. Nope Also the quest is not updating. It's not calling for a turn in. Bugged? If so what should I try to sort it?

So, where do I find this NPC. Is it hidden?

I have also reset instance several times and reran, relogged and tried again. Reboot entire system and still no go


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    I’ve only gone through the trials once, but Anya is around the area of the teleportals.

    You need to talk to her before going into the dungeons; if not, you won’t get credit for completing the dungeon. That has been my experience. I’ve made the mistake of entering the dungeons without first talking to her and had to redo the dungeon.

    She should be in the vicinity of the dungeon entrance/teleportal, and my recollection is that the quest markers are actually accurate (for once).

    As far as I can recall, there isn’t much of a “turn in.” Go to location of the trial, find Anya, talk to her, enter dungeon, kill stuff, done, then repeat for next trial. (The Goddess might show up & talk to you in the dungeon, but whatever.)

    P.S. There’s also some narrative about restoring a tree? But, hey.
  • Thank you for the response. I have not been able to find Anya either before or after the trial by Acurum, on several characters. I will look around harder. normally you get close and she appears and runs to the thing. I don't get that or any ding sound alrting that I have arrived at quest location.

  • Just a follow-up TY man. I found the litle turdburgler, hiding behind a log, lol. was able to complete that one and the one after on one character.

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