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Today's Maintenance



  • xIopen3rxIopen3r ✭✭

    I decided to run a full virus scan while the game updatesss
    so far its been about 15mins and only at 19.88%

  • Concepcion30Concepcion30 ✭✭✭

    I guess a lot of us just have slow internet or perhaps it depends on where we live. At this rate, 16% after 2 hours it will take another 3 hours for me to hit 40% where it will hopefully or miraculously jump to 100.

  • I'm running fiber at 300 Mbps, no slow connection for me, just slow connection to the servers updating this thing or downloading an entire game.
    My update from Game forge came in at less than two minutes time, just EME with the hamsters.

  • Dealing with it here, too. 5 hrs 15 mins running and only at 14.65%
    This is something that usually demands some kind of explanation, isn't it? Anyone out there have a line to the team to ask if there's some kind of issue?

  • Concepcion30Concepcion30 ✭✭✭

    So, almost 5 hours later, I got into game. Yay...

  • ArydAryd ✭✭

    I'm still at 37%... This is, just sad.

  • OurlordOurlord ✭✭
    edited July 22

    2% per minute here is a pict of my internet, why is this update soo big? tera 64bits?https://prnt.sc/tm9ytt

  • Update been at 5.69% for over 5 hours now. So far around 15 gb downloaded... costly update I hope its not actually having to download the entire game.

    I looked a a few files randomly, its not just re-downloading older versions, the newly downloaded files have modified file dates marked at July 8th 2020 and even though the file sizes are close but not exact as the older versions.

    I wish it would say how much it had to download, if I leave this all night it could put me over the monthly bandwidth cap I have.

  • GatokatzenGatokatzen ✭✭✭

    The person who made this update you have destroyed game even more. Now crash every 15 min on summer event areas, 30 or more GB patch just to disable not ram enough message and make client crash immediately. Add 64 bits client faster is clear 32 bits game is death

  • Yeah, holy Ficken hell, it is like redownloading the entire game, why? just why? 3GB in 6% dafuq , its not even a big patch or 64 stuff

  • ah finally done update 12+ hours later... over 20gb downloaded... game is exactly the same laggy 32 bit mess. This was a fun time we all had today. 40 dollars of data wasted, cool. I hope this was some type of pre-load for the next update or this was a massive waste.

  • ERA2ERA2 Velika ✭✭

    25gb download is this a bug or what? we need answers

  • could be pre loading of patches to come

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