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Warrior tank

Hello, I'm Skold. I'm French. I will try to explain with my English.
I play warri main dd but i like play as tank sometimes.
Since, that we must use auto matching for dungeons i cant use my warri as tank à lot. For each dungeons. U can say" Not my pb" Sure.
But i remember that on PC few years ago we could be matching as war tank or zerk tank. With awakening à lot of player can play war tank easy.
Actually tera ps4 need tank because not à lot of people play lancer Nd à lot of brawler had stop this char.
If we let people use war as tank in matching for dungeons i think that some people will Be motivate to try, learn and offer more tank for all community.

It's for this that i ask to the community to help me to persuade developer to let war matching as tank(zerk, why not?)



  • Actualy i had a War Tank in one of my dungeons that was really cool to have an other tank with me in LKNM
    Tagging as Brawler to farm the loot week end and you end up with an other tank isnt that cool ?

    Warrior not able to tag as tank is really an issue right now
    For them but for us too
    I hope it wil change in the future
    Either you let us enter the dungeons like before without tagging
    Or you let Warrior Tank mains play the game

    That would be apprdciated.
  • Bonjour , effectivement , depuis la mise en place des matchmaking obligatoire en donjon 412 431 et quelque donjon en 439 , on se retrouve avoir des guerrier tank qui manque énormément d’expérience dans les donjon plus élevé . Pour ceux bien entendu qui ont garder la motivation de jouer leur guerrier en tank . Puis cela favoriserais grandement a toute la communauté car les tank commence a se faire de plus en plus rare sur le jeux ce qui rend les temps d'attente en donjons quelque fois longs.


  • There is not so many warrior tanks anymore because of that, no one wanna do a class and spend lot of gold to upgrade to be able to play just 448 dungeons, as u will be considered as dd if you enter the matchmaking pool, and that made it even worst that you cant do a group of 5 to farm the dungeons that are lower than 448, u can make it like you enter the matchmaking depending on your active stance on the warrior, i really think that many people will start playing it more cus its really fun and challenging.
  • Le game play d’un war tank est franchement bien, c’est vrai que en bas lvl les war n’ont pas l’occasion de pouvoir tanker et pourtant, les war sont de très bon tank et comme le dit Skold avec la mise à jour d’en l’éveil on manque d’en tank vue que la brawler n’est malheureusement plus jouer, ça faciliterai le match making et réglerait certains problèmes...
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