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Please Add an option to Warrior Tank to Instance Matching

Hi I am Superbuu3, I run Raziel the biggest guild on the European PS4 servers. We run a teaching guild to allow all players to access end game content, I would ask that all of the guild leaders of large guilds and any warrior tanks out there to post there opinions on this and show there is a demand for this option.

During this latest Apex patch the Warrior Tank seems to have become a big favourite amongst players, due to the instance matching only in all lower item level dungeons and pre 65 ones, it has now become impossible for players to train as Warrior Tanks. This becomes a problem for two reasons, it means if you enter a dungeon as a warrior tank you have to immediately leap into 439+ dungeons, with no experience in dungeons and secondly players without guilds will almost certainly be unable to even try this class without being berated by other players. We need to have a system in place because right now this game has a severe tank shortage. With large number of players having to create secondary tanks to cover the gap in the player base. Having a bunch of people who want to tank but can't instance match is a complete mess.

I have posted this here as I believe the system is the same on the XBOX version and is not solely a problem for the PS4 version. I apologise if they do have a system in place for this. One of my friends has posted a thread in the PS4 section linked here:


So there might be some extra comments there. I hope this can be added in the next patch as this would be a much needed improvement to the game and help the community.

Thanks for your time



  • YJ24YJ24 ✭✭
    Hello !
    Well, I wasn't very sure about Warrior Tank capabilities but after I did a AANM with one of them, it's actually pretty good idea, and it would increase the Tank population and from what I understand War Tank matching was a thing on PC. Also don't forget about Zerks, they have pretty good Tank capabilities but as usual lack on skill because as you said it, they lack experience.
  • Hello,

    I totally agree! I think Warrior tanks are a great idea. I don't expect the class to be a "perfect" tank from the beginning, but it could improve over time and create new ways to play. Warriors would need to receive their tanking abilities from the beginning though.. And currently there is no role selection menu, that would need to be implemented or Warriors should be queued based on stance (Weird idea, but easy fix, probably very unclear for new player...? Add a tooltip to the stance! :))

    I also would like to see Zerk tanks, but with the removal of all the tank abilities with the Awakening update, I think that the team has different ideas.. In my opinion all Heavy Armored classes should be able to be a tank =D! How about a ranged one? That would be very interesting right? :)

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