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Another event to decrease Awakening materials cost?

I know we had this event recently, and it was very helpful for myself and others. I know lots, and I mean lots of people who are attempting to +15 their imperator gear, and as usual are struck by high cost of materials (and rng, but not what this thread is about) So I was wondering if there were any plans for another event like the one before to help those who want to +15 their gear, it'd be very helpful and I guarantee the entire playerbase of TERA would really appreciate it.


  • Screen where I asked them to "hand me +15", I can get the materials just fine, but I, like others, would like the event for a short time of decreased materials to do awakened enchanting.
  • I recall they said something like, the event created even more demand for feedstock, increasing prices and kinda worsening the crisis state, so don't think they'll do it again.
    All the ways they put to get mats now worked better.
  • They need to "fix" the enchanting & awakening system. An event is not enough.
  • TeeepTeeep ✭✭
    I think the cost of enchanting is fine. How about an event to actually increase the awakening enchanting success rate instead? Triple success rate events happened for up to +12 but why not for +15 too?
  • PixelatorPixelator ✭✭✭✭
    edited June 2016
    The people who enchanted during that last feedstock requirement reduction event got hosed. Yes, they got 25% off feedstock, but if they enchanted the next week instead, feedstock had dropped 50% in price by then.

    But hey, it was a good event for those of us who had feedstock to sell.
  • I'm not stuck on the cost of enchanting items, I'm stuck because I had bad RNG with Vengeance Versa. What I don't really understand is why some items that are critical to gear crafting can't be traded. When I first started collecting Vengeance Versa luck was with me, but then suddenly it ran off someplace else. I have spent the last two weeks now without getting a single VV. I will probably grit my teeth and keep going, but I have noticed that I have started to play less now, rather than more. It occurs to me that plenty of people in my situation may well just get so frustrated that they leave the game altogether. I really don't think anyone likes RNG. Sure, it's a fundamental part of the game and can't be removed, but I really do think there should be alternatives. If the developers are going to introduce new gear and make that entirely RNG based, which it is in the case of three ingredients, then you can really expect people to leave the game.
  • If I recall, when we had the double enchant event they included "Awakening" at one point, then tricked us and said it would only be applied to +0 to +12. So I doubt that happening.
  • EllieChuEllieChu ✭✭✭
    You have literally everything handed to you as we speak. you get a ton of feedstock running your daily dungeons, and dont even get me started on alkahest, you can just check the world notice and see how many 2k drops are being shoved in to the game at a constant rate. Theres absolutely no reason for a decreased cost in enchanting event to be turned on right now
  • kamizumakamizuma ✭✭✭✭
    I can guarantee the entire playerbase of TERA would NOT appreciate it ;P
  • As the user above said, what needs to be fixed is the awakened enchanting system itself and not just a bandaid once in a while.
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