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My Elite bar is missing

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone else is having a problem. I signed in today and my elite bar is missing. I have been on auto renewal for years now. I checked and my sub renews on june 6th. So I am still showing as elite. I have signed in and out of my game and I can't get the elite bar back. Even the little Elite icon ( next to the founder's icon ) is missing.

Before I submit a ticket, I wanted to see if anyone else had this issue.

Thanks for reading!


  • yup...mine is gone also
  • JerzyJerzy ✭✭
    Something broke
  • Mine as well o/
  • Ok thanks for the replies! Now I don't have to worry so much about something on my end.

    Have a great day! :)
  • mendaumendau ✭✭
    same problem((
  • My team is looking into it now. We are seeing accounts that have Elite status are occasionally reporting to the game that the player does not have Elite status.
  • Having this issue as well.
  • Ayup, game tells me I don't have Elite status despite it running on my account.
  • I feel the same way I have the elite on until June and now as I reentered active appears on the page but in the game no
  • Hello! I noticed my elite bar missing too, so I just thought that my 30d elite had ended and bought a new voucher, after restarting I got my elite benefits.

    I'm wondering if this was just really my elite ending, if yes, no probelm, but if not, does using new voucher extend the time or overwrites it?
    Thank you
  • Yes it will extend the time if you still had elite for however long remaining.
  • there seems to be a problem check your status on the website
  • My elite is missing as well. On the site it says it doesn't expire until the 21st but in game it says I don't have elite.
  • I feel the same
  • MidokuPastaMidokuPasta ✭✭✭✭
    Yep. Keep's telling me to Enroll as an Elite Member but I'm Elite until June 2nd.
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