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  • NPU wrote: »
    Really, what happened?
    It had such a beautiful concept...
    Then boom! Elins.

    ...Just kidding. :chuffed:
    But seriously, this game had a dream... This game was a dream. A dream of Fantasy, Magical Technology, Mythology, Diversity and Immersion.

    But now it's called "afk at highwatch till your 1 hour queue for CS/FWC pops".

    ... Yeah, I have beef. :frown:

    no it's still tera, until september...... then good bye to everything that made tera an intersting game.
  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    The original team that developed TERA is gone, replaced with a new one. So the concept went that way
    >. But yea I loved TERA when it came out, the new Kawaii styling isn't my taste at all. But hey once some thing better comes around that offers what entertains me the most I will move on like I have in other venues.
  • NPUNPU ✭✭
    VR Full Dive q.q
  • ZoknahalZoknahal ✭✭✭✭✭
    I don't know what you mean "Until September". If this is related to the removal of Crusades and Alliance, then that's probably happening 1 month earlier, and the removal of alliances will actually be more beneficial than harmful. We will have to wait and see how the new GvG content is managed in NA to give accurate statements.

    As far as interesting goes, that will depend on your taste. If TERA did not live to your expectations, there are plenty more games out there that can.
  • TyndaTynda ✭✭
    They are probably referring to all the class changes. Any class that are getting major changes will essentially play and feel like brawler, ninja, reaper, and gunners... erghhh...
  • I don't understand why it seems like everyone that plays Tera only has negative things to say about it, I seriously think that 90% of people that play Tera hate it. The patches do remove things that we like and they add things that we don't like, but that doesn't mean that there is no good in them. Tera is one of the fastest changing games, updates all the time that do all sorts of stuff, yes, they don't always add the changes that they 'should' but they are updating regularly and making it a technically better game, I won't say that I agree with everything they have done, because I don't but it is still fun and I very much enjoy the game. I didn't like the healer buffs, and the UI patch that's coming doesn't look good to me personally, but it's still a great game that has much to offer. People afk and wait for Queues and go the P2W route then complain that it's boring, but there is a lot to do, I am almost never just standing around. Tera is a lot of fun if you actually take the time to enjoy it.
  • SinastriaSinastria ✭✭✭
    Wait. Technically a better game?

    Not really!

    The point is simply that female and elinocentric updates, dumbing down not even in such a smart way makes certain kinds of players feel like they can expect only new stuff they don't like in the future.

    Tera still is not bad, but i'm soooo unhyped about every new patch just cause i feel sure nothing so good will come, and i'm even far to be such an hardcore gamer myself.

    Granted the will to play is growing smaller and smaller 'cause of that.
  • edited July 2016
    Kiara146 wrote: »
    -snip- there is a lot to do, I am almost never just standing around. Tera is a lot of fun if you actually take the time to enjoy it.

    What do players do though if BHS keeps removing the activities and playstyles that make them enjoy TERA?

    I love doing quests and taking time in dungeons, now people ignore open world and rush through dungeons to hit level 65 more quickly.
    I love warrior tanking but I'm constantly told to run a Brawler or Lancer instead because dps/party contribution.
    I love gathering and crafting but you've seen the shitstorm that is the upcoming removal of these systems.
    I loved doing Alliance (before it died) back in 2013/14 but now I can't due to dead content, broken classes and ignorance from BHS on how to improve/fix the system.
    I loved leading Nexus and formed an entire guild off a Nexus community, but BHS removed that too.

    There's many many more systems that BHS has removed that I've enjoyed, so tell me, what do I do now?

    Here's more:
    BHS removed the dyeing system and pushed us to buy Apothecary dyes. When Wonderholme patch was initially released and everyone and their mothers hated the Steadfast template because it looked like [filtered] compared to Visionmaker, I used so many dyes to make the Steadfast/Wonderholme/Strikeforce/etc. gear sets look nicer. Now we have crappy 1hr and 7hr temporary dyes, instead of the cheap 7-day or crafted permanent dyes.
    (Same sad story for the death of remodeling as well, no more unique non-copypasta looks like the current Fashion Coupons are, now.)

    Alliance Vault was an easy, straightforward single-BAM solo dungeon that everyone could do, without it being hassling and with lots of easy and gratifying rewards. That's gone too.

    Reputation factions were tedious and aggravating to grind sometimes, but they forced you to explore the maps for gear/accessories/zyrks/etc. while providing amazing lore immersion (witnessing the changing dialogue for NPCs as you changed reputation grades was awesome.)

    BHS removed "boring useless" talk quests that were just that, FedEx delivery quests of "talk to this npc and gather this one thing from this one area" that were boring BUT provided insane amounts of lore immersion and depth to the story (example: Fountain of Shara, you help a woman gather water from the fountain to save her son since it's supposedly healing water, this quest is removed.)
  • FelhammerFelhammer ✭✭✭
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    The moment a game with Teras free flowing combat comes around. (NO TAB TARGET INVOLVED). I am gone. Until then I'm stuck playing this game surrounded by weeaboos and kawaiists.

    When I first came to Tera things were good. PvP was a tough slog, PvE you had to actually know your class and the mechanics. Now it's so simple and well spoonfed that a monkey could play it.

    I know new content has it's growing pains but right now. Teras going down the pan.
  • SolonaSolona
    edited July 2016
    @Kiara146 - In my opinion, the reason people complain is because they are either:

    A: Newbies that have started one of the newer classes and have been babied to 65 within a week and only have dungeons to do along with events every now and then that all the older players finished years ago, since we all know the increase in XP means hardly anyone actually goes through the story anymore, and the few that do out level the area(s) pretty fast.

    B: Veterans that were here since/before the Rising patch and have only seen content being removed or replaced with less or worse content (AKA Content they do like taken away.) this includes things like the reputations becoming increasingly useless, no updates to alliance, nexus being removed, crafting becoming increasingly obsolete, good dungeons being removed (I personally liked Kezzel's Gorge), all the materials for the old decent equipment being removed from existing dungeons or as for agnitor materials removed completely.

    Though from my own feelings, I do love this game, however the direction they've taken Isn't to my liking, for instance I would have preferred if they used their resources on making a longer story/maps for the game rather than making silly llama mounts, but that's just me.
  • @Solona
    I know what you mean, I have been here for 3 years, and I too don't like some of the things they have done, it just seems that a lot of people complain when they themselves are a large part of their own problem. I am not naive to the fact that many things that used to be great are not longer here and that they could use resources elsewhere as you have mentioned, but much like life, Tera changes, and people need to understand that.

    Yes, Tera as a whole has been dumbed down, and yes, events and older mechanics are almost completely useless but there is much more to do than people seem to think. I just don't understand people's need to constantly point out the bad when they could enjoy the good.
  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    There is a balance as well between complaining and stating how things can be better. Myself I rather point out how some things where better, can be improved ect ect rather than accepting and stating it could be worse.
  • neoakneoak ✭✭
    TERA died for me the moment that I couldn't use this anymore:

  • AulonAulon ✭✭✭✭
    neoak wrote: »
    TERA died for me the moment that I couldn't use this anymore:


    Favorite part of TERA, sure it wasn't perfect but did a lot more for the community than Alliance and Crusades did
  • neoakneoak ✭✭
    Aulon wrote: »
    neoak wrote: »
    TERA died for me the moment that I couldn't use this anymore:


    Favorite part of TERA, sure it wasn't perfect but did a lot more for the community than Alliance and Crusades did

    Guilds had events for the community, there were actual rivalries and there were groups of people that dedicated themselves to farming the BAMs, as well as being active in the community.

    It was way more collaborative than Alliance or Crusades, which are competitive only content.
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