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Positive Thread

Because of the ungratefulness of the community, allow me to make a nice thread we could post happy things about our favorite staff members.

Spacecats-; You're one of the best CM'S I've met in an MMO, you're very thoughtful and always try to make things fun. Your laugh is really cute and somehow fills me with happiness that I didn't know a person could. You're great at your job; which is making people smile. Please don't listen to the ungrateful bunch, keep doing what you're doing. I appreciate it.

Treeshark-; Probably one of the most interactive and informed person I've met. You know what you're doing, and try your best to make the player base happy and as well as be a great representative of EME has a whole. :pleased:

CobaltDragon-; You're a merciless god when it comes to genocides, but a great GM. You handle issues well and are easy to talk to; which is exactly what a GM should be.

Singlebear-; Edit, I'm sorry I forgot about your glorious beard. You too are very amusing and a great TERA player; you somehow manage to make any stream light up and you really should appear more on the forums as well! You seem like a very chill and funny person and I recommend maybe doing beard art sometime. :chuffed:

Have something to share as well? Post below \o/


  • DigivolveDigivolve ✭✭✭✭
    SingleBear gets singled out again. /badpun
  • Digivolve wrote: »
    SingleBear gets singled out again. /badpun

    Singlebear has a glorious beard which he needs to make beard art out of. Or something. That would cleanse this community as a whole :awesome:
  • @Yumiaaa Great post. I totally agree that we need to increase the positive energy and reduce the overall toxicity within the Tera community.
  • UltemeciaUltemecia ✭✭✭
    Mine's half good and half bad.

    The good is I found @Spacecats a badass shirt.

    The bad part is he never replied if he like it or not :(
  • Lohhaith wrote: »
    @Yumiaaa Great post. I totally agree that we need to increase the positive energy and reduce the overall toxicity within the Tera community.

    We as a community should strive everyday to make our publisher feel appreiciated; they can mess up sometimes, sure. But they've done great things for our playerbase and don't deserve to have such negative feedback all the time ;_;
  • PascallePascalle ✭✭✭
    Yeah, we've seen them mess up a number of times, but there's real people running the show, and the recent community engagement has been really nice.
  • I loved when Lawlipop appeared on yesterday's stream and wanted to know what the Bruiseweave Stole looks like. Spacecats grabbed a random scarf and flung it around his shoulder and told him it's a scarf that looks similar to the one Elleon has. Lawlipop's only response was: "...who's Elleon?"
    I don't know why, but the whole talk about Elleon really made me laugh.

    Spacecats is great and easily one of the best CMs I've ever "met". Charming personality, inner child, great voice, entertaining to watch and the fun he has while playing the Ninja on stream makes me so incredibly happy! No matter what happens, if he randomly gets murdered by Yukikaze or one-punched by Emz - he keeps laughing and I wish I could have the same attitude (I always get salty when stuff goes down, haha).

    I really hope that Spacecats will stick with us for a very long time, if not forever and that he won't get discouraged working for this community. We can be hard to deal with at times, but we can also be very sweet and lovable - I promise!
  • JerichowJerichow ✭✭✭✭
    I'll just say it like this:

    A lot of resentment this community has comes from both BHS's lack of maturity as a game studio, misprioritizing certain features(gimmicks) over other issues in which players have been continuously voicing their concerns over.

    Brawler Patch:
    - We asked for balance changes - We got the Brawler and all that broken-ness that came with it.
    - We wanted a fix for Embers/Ease - We got nothing except a poorly implemented RNG drop from BAMs until he Vanguard update.
    - We have been asking for optimizations for years - BHS continues to release more and more poorly coded instances that are outright broken on an increasing number of players' computers.
    - We asked for new content - We got a previously-removed dungeon, and in Brawler Patch, a few new instances using old BAMs for bosses.

    - Between patches, we asked for events and things to do since content was delayed and people were leaving for other games because they were so bored here - we got events filled with RNG that required hours of grinding to make any progress whatsoever.
    We asked for events that had less RNG in it - We got the Velik's Grand Hunt RNG-fest.

    Then during ninja patch:
    - We asked again for optimizations - we got nothing as far as we can tell.
    - We asked for balance changes again - This time with two communities (KTera and NATera) railing hard on BHS, they finally did it... sort of.
    - We asked for less gender/race locked classes - We got *another* elin-locked class that seems to be a glass cannon that out-DPS's the brawler.
    - We asked for content updates - we get two new dungeons, and flying mounts (a gimmick).

    While I also agree that there are those in this community that are eternally ungrateful, a lot of us just want a game that plays well on our computers, has less RNG than a casino slot machine, and doesn't feel like a second job with how much grinding that has to go into every aspect of the game in order to progress. A lot of this is in BHS's court, and while I know that EME can't code this game, I would personally be pushing BHS to start focusing on things that players want, over the things that they want players to work with.

    I, like others, am in a state of near-constant-discontent with this game not because the game itself is bad. I'm mad because the management of the game is being executed poorly, moreso on the Development side than the Publishers, as EME has shaped up a bit these past few months. However, regardless; I agree with a lot of unhappy people here that we're not mad at EME as much as we are at BHS for the lack of proper developer management of this game. This game could be ten times what it is now if BHS listened to its community and focused some man-hours into updating the game, optimizing it, balancing it, and making it a game people aren't ashamed to tell their friends that they play.
  • IlythienIlythien ✭✭
    edited May 2016
    What can I say about TERA? It's the game I like more nowadays.
    About Spacecats, why do you summon only cats? And the dogs, no love for them? xD.
  • MorningCoffee is so awesome too. I really appreciate all of their posts.
  • TheGreyWolfTheGreyWolf ✭✭✭
    I don't know a lot about the individual staff members, but I'm happy that EME decided to put the 30 day charm trio / nostrum things on the elite bar. Makes having elite somewhat useful again. So thanks for that. =)

    I still have a couple dozen ideas about things they could fix / improve / unbreak about the game to make it even better, but I'll save those for other threads.
  • I have a feeling that with Nexon leading the charge in Korea with Tera and BlueHole that some good changes are coming our way, in my opinion.
  • TaybatTaybat ✭✭
    EME has been a pretty decent and generous producer. As far as other game producers go. I've played other korean games. And it sucks producing a game that is not from your country and having to translate it for a different region. EME was made just to bring us tera. EME has been great listening to it's players,compared to other companies.
    It just sucks that bluehole doesn't really listen to it's other regions.
  • TaybatTaybat ✭✭
    Lohhaith wrote: »
    I have a feeling that with Nexon leading the charge in Korea with Tera and BlueHole that some good changes are coming our way, in my opinion.
    Ya, I just feel like the ninja class and the flying mounts were a gimmick decision to bring players back to the game. Hopefully with more time and money,the game will get better. But will other regions like there decisions? There is a huge difference to Korean and NA players. Not that either player base is worse than the other. Just different. Plus it is impossible to make every player happy. What is important is trying to make the majority of the player base happy.
  • iLiliumiLilium ✭✭
    I think the game is still good, and it is fun, just need to be more opened.
    The community is what makes it bad. Have you seen what people say to each other? What people do and how they treat others? Very disrespectful, most times.
    If the Community lightened up a little, could be a little more fun.
    From what I see, a venomous community wisps people away, making them not want to draw near.
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