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How would you like your Favorite class improved on?



  • PinopyPinopy ✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    Oh man prepare for a long post

    ★ I liked casting titanic wrath, I just didn't like the range of it. It would give me more to do if we had TW back as a castable skill, but make the range of it as big as energy stars \o/

    ★ Give thralls more use in endgame content, for example:
    .☆ Thrall of Wrath: crit chance 100%, 3-4 mil on non enraged bosses and 5-6 mil on enraged? I'm just throwing out numbers really just more than 1 mil would be fine with me (increased cooldown is okay here) I think thrall of wrath has a lot of potential, and it is supposed to help with burn phases anyway.
    .☆ Thrall of Protection: Two options for this one, either make it an ACTUAL tank (like holds aggro, MUCH more HP, maybe moves around less so there is more back time for the party. This would help in a situation like a dead tank and you don't want the boss going crazy while you tend to the tank. Since this seems a little OP the duration would be like 10-30 seconds, so that the thrall doesn't end up taking over the tanks roll completely, maybe make the cooldown longer too. (not too long as there is a buff attached to it, or maybe make the buff a different skill)
    Another option is to make this thrall actually protect you, like while it's up it would block things for you (like if you somehow get aggro, it will go infront of you and take the dmg, like a meat shield)
    .☆ Thrall of Life: I think this skill is fine at the moment, but if what if its AOE cast worked kind of as a warding scroll? so around a 15k absorb effect, its much smaller than kaia's but it would ease some of the damage taken on you if you needed it.
    .☆ Thrall of Vengeance: Not much to say about this one but what if it you know, actually did damage?
    .☆ Now what would be REALLY nice is if thralls worked as the summoner's familiar in BNS, where it stays alive even if you die.

    ★ Would be nice if vow had an option to cast without locking on to anyone, vow is an AMAZING skill especially with the rare glyph, but what if you end up being the only one alive or everyone is too far for some reason?

    ★ If they had a buff that had a long cd but gave more power in a party? like maybe 10-20% power for 30 seconds. Since mystic is an offensive, dmg-type support it would make sense to have a skill like this, even if its an ult type of skill (an extra bar like ninjas/brawlers/gunners have)

    ★ Kaia's gave an extra effect, like how guardian shout gives power and endurance? What if kaia's also gave some power, or even a bit of crit? I think power is a better option for priests to help with, since I think mystic's crit aura and stuff like that should be unique to them. If not power (since priest is defensive after all) another option is kaia's could work for more than 5 people, maybe 7?

    ★ Buffs cover a larger radius, mainly shakan. There isn't much of a problem with shakan now but that would help if pesky dps run away from your buff.

    ★ BIGGER HEALS. I love my mystic's heal but I don't think it's right that my titanic favor can heal for 104k on a crit in uppers (without hyderads) while I see priests do around the same or even less. This includes make crit chance on healing immersion 100%, or at least 100% on healing circle. Regeneration circle (I think is the name, the big aoe heal that heals less than warding totem I think) could heal 5k per tick at least, really doesn't matter but I think that skill could finally become useful if that is the case. Just make priests more of a burst heal than they are now because mystic can do the same now, or at least close.

    ★ Mana charge cover as big of a radius as corruption ring

    ★ Maybe have restorative bursts mana glyph give 100 mp per tick rather than 50(?)

    ★ Ress should ress all people in the circle T.T

    ★ Not really needed but what if priests actually had a buff that increased healing on players, like BBQ/Heart potion? I think it makes sense to do that, and it can stack with the consumables.

    Little disclaimer: Some of these changes are far fetched, especially the mystic ones, I love both classes the way they are right now (other than priest's TN debuff duration) and these "changes" are just for fun, I don't think healers should be OP xD

    Some smaller changes include tanks blocks, if you stand directly behind them it will block for you too (example is boss shoots a laser, and the tank blocks, the laser doesn't go past the block, making it not hit you if you are behind them)

    Another change for classes in general is if all poison skills actually did damage to bosses

    OH AND +1 FOR ZERKER ENRAGE SKILL I really don't understand why there was a whole patch dedicated to zerkers tanking but they don't give them one of the most important tanking skills >.>
  • Warrior tanking.
  • MaxogMaxog ✭✭
    tobtheking wrote: »
    Zerker Main:

    - Evasive Smash and Evasive Roll should not share Cooldown thats especially important in all the new iframe-only dungeons
    - Increase our Max HP or reduce the Overchage HP cost cuz I think Zerk has the 2nd lowest HP Pool (Archer should be lowest) and pretty much loses 8k HP every 2-3 Seconds... combined with a Block that's only like 1/2 of a Lancer/Brawler's block... welp Zerk = Glass-cannon lol

    I just want them to make charging actually worth it. Or a way to queue hits that I've block canceled due to a boss mechanic... that'd be nice.

    Also more flashy particle effects so we seem more badass. Give EVERY OLD CLASS an ultimate too so we can keep up with those dumb burn moments like ninja fire avalanche. I want to be able to break shields by myself Q~Q

  • remove warrior edge, and give scythe with x10 edgee dmg with 10 sec cooldown kekekeekek *.*
    (honestly looking forward to edge being changed to individual so i can ran with all my warrior sempais <3)
  • Archer issues Tera

    arrow volley - increase damage by 25% at higher levels fine prior to lvl 40

    rapid fire / final salvo - these do the same thing almost. Suggest replacing with a damaging pet. More consistent damage. The pet could then tank for the archer as well.

    Poison arrow - increase the damage by 75% to 150% . Add the ability to crit for triple damage every tick.

    penetrating arrow and radiant arrow - combine these two to make one attack. Remove the overcharge damage. Reduce or get rid of the charge up.

    web arrow - increase slow to 80 or 90% maybe allow it to hit multiple mobs

    Velik’s mark - allow it to target more then one mob and get rid of the automatic agro

    Eagle’s eye / Sniper’s eye - get rid of one and combine them. Maybe allow them to increase damage over longer range.

    Restraining arrow - get rid of the slow effect and increase the attack debuff to 50% also increase to more then one mob.

    Rain of arrows - good damage but need to get rid of the automatic agro. If you try to shoot and break away before it actually goes off. The mobs still think you hit them for full damage. When in fact you did no damage at all. This also happens just as your getting ready to shoot. Any mob in the target circle will automatically agro and attack leaving you stuck in the animation while the mob /mobs move out of the target circle. Also lets be able to target this ability like the gunners miniature area nuks.

    thunderbolt - reduce the refresh time by half. Also increase the range.

    Stun trap / slow trap / incendiary trap - need longer staying times and make these instant. Allow for a small targeting range.

    Stun trap arrow/ slow trap arrow/ incendiary trap arrow - need longer staying times and more control on where they land. Also these need to show up at lvl 30 or so. Not 60

    breakaway bolt / jump back - ok I get the idea of these. Combined with the traps you lay. The idea is great. The reality is that most bosses and mobs charge range is longer then the jump back on either ability. Which means the whole concept of these fails. Not to mention that your using these to get out of a bad situation most of the time or do damage. My suggestion make one of them a sideways dodge (jump back). Also add a slow effect to breakaway bolt (75%). What is the point of jumping backwards if you land only to be swarmed by mob / mobs right away. That’s what your trying to get away from.

    Personally I like the archer. However what I have noticed is that the skills that you receive before lvl 30 seem to lose their damage ability by lvl 40-45. Skills that were your main stay seem to drop off the map. Then finally you get rain of arrows at lvl 58. Which suddenly becomes your only really consistent damaging ability. The only exception to this seems to be the traps especially the non arrow traps. This means your best damage is up close and personal and at the back of the mob / mobs. This completely undermines the whole idea of the ranged DPS idea.


    remove the combat slow and reduce or get rid of the charge ups.
    Let the Berzerker start off with a full MP bar.
    You spend more time looking at the MP bar then at the mob/ mobs your trying to fight.


    remove the combat slow and allow for the evade ability to be used as often as you want.
    Reduce the MP cost across the board.
    let the Slaver start off with a full MP bar.
    You spend more time looking at the MP bar then at the mob/ mobs your trying to fight.


    remove the bar for the evade. The evade distance is not that far and with bosses getting ever larger area effect attacks it takes two or three rolls to get to safety.

    Smoke aggressor - remove the 20% damage. Have the smoke aggressor automatically attack your target. Make it last longer 2-3 minutes.

    Combat strike - add hit points don’t remove then. We lose then fast enough as is.

    Increase the damage on all attacks by 10 to 25% to be in line with Brawler and Reaper.

    Edge ability - change this so it affects all abilities instead of just one. Say 25% - 50% bonus to damage for 20 seconds on all skills when triggered. Maximum edge means maximum damage bonus.


    increase damage on attacks terrible to solo


    Burst of celerity - make it affect cool down as well as casting speed. (I know this is already being looked at)

    Hope someone actually looks at these.Thanks
  • Ok, I just thought of the best priest suggestion ever (way better than my previous suggestions).

    Buff Plague so that it reduces enemy crit resist significantly (~70%). This skill is basically useless as it is now. There is literally no point in using it for pve unless a mechanic requires it. The DoT is pathetic esp. considering the MP cost. Would be awesome to see like, a mini crit aura for the 15 seconds the skill is in effect.

    It would be a lot more useful in raid pvp, too. Mystic regress is super powerful because there's no cap on the amount of targets and because it's almost impossible to dodge. I regress sooooooooo much with my mystic, but priest is so much of a PITA to find the right targets to plague and then try to lock on to all of them.
  • just fix the retardedness of the new classes and TERA would be good again like how it used to be. oh wait.... then 50% of the community wont be able to play this game anymore >.<
  • VenpaiVenpai ✭✭✭
    i want to stop clipping through bosses/things i need to dps when i use jagged path :cry:
  • Ranged classes being able to move around while auto attacking like the gunner can please!!
  • I'd like Ninjas to have a stealth that gives immunity to backstab and maybe even lock ons (Seriously [filtered] Time Gyre, I know it's dodgeable but it's annoying)
  • MoeBunnyMoeBunny ✭✭✭
    edited July 2016
    i think warriors edge should be turned into an extra bar like how ninjas, brawlers, and gunners have. so when they stack their edge it makes that bar fill, once its filled they can use scythe which drains the whole bar. then repeat~
  • Slayer: heart thrust hitbox, i'm sure it can be improve.
    Warrior: frontal block to blade draw after a successful parry.
  • You can move and cast Rapid Fire!
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