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  • suntzu1024 wrote: »
    And for all those who are now saying that it does not matter and PVP is not that bad since you cannot PVP everywhere fine let’s make the new server a PVE server than.
    You can duel someone if you want PVP since it is no different or be in a guild that has a permanent war state with other likeminded guilds.

    LOOOOL so true haha

  • IiraneIirane ✭✭
    Thank u took u 3 years G_G going to be amazing for lot and vot
    But i would giv the highwatch players a free transfer so pve players can leave and the pvp players can stay !
  • PoofcatPoofcat ✭✭
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    EZ solution:
    highwatch has a problem with OWPVP, don't merge em, just VOT and LOT. :3

    if i wasnt clear enough, pls do this thx
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    What about the wardrobe and bank slots? Are we gonna lose them if we transfer or if this merge happens? Not nice. :(
  • kedroskedros ✭✭
    Spoiler! Wall of Text Incoming

    So far i have read a couple of ideas
    1- The original one: HW-LOT-VOT => ?? with pvp65
    2-Make OW-PVP a choice (a Stance you can activate)
    3- Free transfers
    4- Merge ALL servers into a PVE and a PVP (and maybe keep the RP too)

    So from top to bottom my oppinion.
    the 1'st option isnt going to fix the current problems of HW. As stated in the thread leading up to HW being included into this merger, "it is not the amount of people, but rather the lack of activity and an established Community". Throwing in a bunch of unknown people isnt going to solve either problems for HW. From LOT/VOT's perspective, I doubt it would be what they'd expect to find and a dissapointment for all three servers in the end.
    The pvp65 part doesnt seem like a dealbreaker to me, since pvp in general is quite dead. besides the first few weeks (perhaps) or during specific events pvp might spike. This should be up to a vote to be fair, though if people are serious about the matter than HW's population would be much higher and weigh much more into this matter. From a population standpoint the new server should be PVE. Though personally, I really doubt any one would really feel the difference, and on top of it, we would be a UNIQUE server.

    which leads to option 2; make pvp65 a choice. Since nobody wants to be forced into a pvp server, you rather want to be able to choose whether or not you are part of the pvp community rather than a pve community. After saying HW doesnt have a good established community, this one has '2'. People stating that owPvP is dead already, will realize that with this system owPVP might as well not exist. Besides, the system would need to be develloped first probably, so it would be either a PVE server or the pvp65 for the time being, and when the Stances do come, nobody will notice a difference like i said in #1.

    Instead of making these Stances in the first place, there should be better options, that both promote PVP and reduce PK'ing for the sole purpose of PK'ing/grieving. On the top of my head, make a zone PVP allowed, and put in Mongo's. people can hunt these, get similar rewards as now, but when they get PK'd they drop those rewards (at least some), silmilar like Keys in Alliance territory. The rewards are truly yours if you manage to leave the zone. (But this would be another topic)

    3'rd choice looks like it would be a mess. The upside would be that unlike option #1, players would get into established communities. After the transfer period, people who stayed behind get auto-transfered into a server of EME's choosing or blatantly deleted alongside the Servers they were on. Now all of Tera's active population is on MT, TR, CH and AV.
    Next thing we'll hear are complaints of lag. EME will say servers are at capacity and will need to make a 5th server, and HW will be created again. If they made the 5th server during the transfers, you'd still have the same problems as #1, except now you'll have a lower population, because a good amount will have also fled to the other 4 servers. So this option seems to be in a deadlock according to me.
    On top of that, I don't want to flee from HW because of its problems, nor do I want these free transfers to leave us in a position worse than we are now.
    Treeshark wrote: »
    JasonLucas wrote: »
    Why don't open a free server transfer to TR, MT and CH and make these the only Tera servers? I don't understand the necessity of have 7 servers, crusades are going away and there is a new big GvG content coming soon, also makes more sense have everyone together in a MMO.

    For the names, just clean up these 3 servers for anyone who hasn't logged in for a 1 year or older.

    Because while many will transfer a lot won't and then it's even worse.

    4th option is same as 3rd but with extra lag... On top of the serious naming issues. if they were to merge ALL the servers into 2 or 3, than they would make a NEW set of servers where everyone has to go to. There will be a bunch of people losing their names, and forums will be full of it. economy needs to be re-established, communities need to be rebuild, etc... The mess would be HUGE, and that's something Tera nor EME nor BHS can have atm.
    The only 'good' thing i can think of, is that certain names will get released, dead guilds and inactive players would be deleted from these brand new servers, but I dearly hope that EME has tools to make all that happen without having to create server merges/transfers.

    So my final opinion is that the original idea would be best for most people. Yes, the HW situation will not be fixed, but EME never said it would be fixed, but rather they try to give a boost for the better. The HW problem is ultimately not something EME will be able to fix for us, since the community itself needs to be able to do so. Lately i've seen it grow better (the Queen Bounty for example).
    Whether the server will be PVE or PVP65 won't be a dealbreaker according to me, since you're save 90% of the time anyway (in cities, save zones, dungeon entrances, etc...). It will make us Unique, and probably lure more players towards this server, rather than MT where the owPVP problem stays the same. I wouldn't even suggest free transfers TO this new server because it would mostly bring over non-loyal people over like it has done the first time when Highwatch was opened last year.

    However, why does LOT and VOT need to merg with HW. Is it required for them to join us because HW is the youngest server out there, or is it merely for the boost? If our population is really similar to MT, than why not merge with MT? There wouldn't be any problem about the PVP aspect in the first place?

    With Kind regards, Ked - Highwatch
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    hey, what about this ?

    1. Equal Channel divide to PvP/PvE (and make CH1 PvE, cause it's default channel).
    2. Free server transfer to PvE or PvP server.
    3. Button/option to make you immune to attacks of players, like you don't want to PvP, you are not pvping.

    Highwatch , good server , but it needs merger ( population LOW ) , well there can be added tweks to it , like if you are in GVG you can't go to other then PVP channels, and you already can switch a channel while in GVG , so you can run away :pleased: 2. option , yeha maybe no , but also 3 .option , if you are in GVG , you can't use that button

    you would still not like it?

    1. I have no problem with that since I would still be effectively on a PVE server so that is ok.
    2. I am fine with that as long as my entire account and bank slots, plus loot gets transferred.
    (I am not even being picky Enmasse can decide the PVE server I get thrown in)
    3. Not feasible I think option 1 would be much better in that case. That way people who want to PVP know where they can do that and PVE people only have to worry about bams.
    That the population in Highwatch should get a bump a can agree with but not by forcing us to go PVP

  • 208840_1.jpg

    Its a great idea.
  • PLEASE, I have asked for a server merge months ago.
  • shinjukishinjuki ✭✭
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    Yawgi wrote: »
    PLEASE, I have asked for a server merge months ago.

    VoT literally made a fwc team called "plsmergeus" or something 2 years ago but no one noticed cuz their first match was against good fight xD
  • I'm from VoT, and think the idea of merging all 3 for PvP at 65 only sounds fine. Low level PvP is pretty imbalanced right now anyways. Yesterday I was on a Ninja level 20, I had my level 20 weapon and level 13 armors, My jewelry wasn't great but not horrible either, I encountered a level 22 Sorcerer and was 1 shot by his lock on Flaming Barrage. I went back with the intention of killing him, because even if he one shots I am experienced enough to fight, when I hit him forever I hit less than 100 due to panties. So really considering everyone can get panties by selling BG stuff nobody can be expected to do any damage at that low level, and if someone doesn't have panties they're gonna be getting 2-3 shot.

    At the moment over world PvP is worse than it is good. If you remove it entirely then high level players can't kill Puffpiss and that's a problem, but as long as level 65s can kill level 65s, Puffpiss will die and the spirit of the PvP server remains.
  • Please implement some way, like people suggested earlier, for entire account transfers or a pvp stance that's a toggle on/off. I am from Highwatch and all of my characters are 65 and are NOT pvp ready mostly because I do not pvp on anything other than my main. I really do not want to have to battle people on, for example, my mystic while doing quests or achievements or getting killed because I forgot to switch off channel 1. I chose a pve server because pvp makes me slightly paranoid to say the least.
  • The only difference between a pvp server and a pve server is the ability to turn on Outlaw Declaration and attack people. Why not just only allow pvp for those who sought out the quest to get it? For example, two low level players are grinding for the same mob. One player has acquired "OD" while the other has not. The player with the skill will not be able to attack the person without it. Now if both players have the skill, it handles itself traditionally as tera has for years.
  • NPUNPU ✭✭
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    I think of it now, merging VoT, LoT and HW into a PVP server is a good idea.
    But this, LV 65 PVP Server is not really the best idea.

    Let's think of it this way... You know the part of the story quest where you go into a portal to an area copied of the open world, but closed off to a small part of it to kill enemies; like Bruke in Cutthroat Harbor...? Well, why not make an instance where it's a part of Velika Outskirts or some where that you prefer, and have people PVP there? No time limit, have many players, OW PVP (in a way), and have it IM for it.

    What do you think?
  • Finally a good idea. Implement this ty.
  • CezzareCezzare ✭✭✭
    I think you people should stop suggesting the company to create "special buttons", " special zones" and similar stuff, those are measures that would probably require modifications to the game's code and EME has always stated such changes fall into BHS' hands.

    Then again, if HW players are against the merge then limit it to VoT and LoT, that the easiest way to solve it.
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