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Crash/Disconnected from server/High ping

Hi , I was wondering how it goes tera these days .. I come from Europe , and I noticed that other European as well as me when I was talking in voice chat , we had the crash synchronized the day before yesterday was something that happened every two hours . . now every 15 minutes as you start a fight or something, all tera goes to [filtered] .. I can not do that frawind not finish it , I reach ping 3k and then crash .. I can not do PvE , I can not help .. I gvg i only see a lack of attention for foreign players out from America , every weekend or when approaching the weekend there are problems .. every [filtered] weekend just when people relaxes and wants to play in peace among these Europeans there people who spend money to support servers that you ! Eme ! untreated and left to die in his lag and in his painful optimization.


... no words
just ridiculous events and no optimizations , or improvements in the server , it does not matter if the players play or do not play , you'll always be a number for enmasse


  • Same problem, high ping and crash
  • kornfqkornfq ✭✭
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    Same problem here and for another friend...not just me ! it disconnects each and every 10 minutes ! :anguished:
    Website is down for a minute then it's back up again...every time Tera drops...so does the website for me !
  • XvostXvost
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    Me too, having the same broblems Tera dc each 15 mins and launcher doesnt load for some time then i restarting it and everything working okay
    I even cant do anything ....
  • Same here, also from Europe and getting DC every 15 minutes or so... even lost some Ace Dungeon runs because of this problem. Apparently if you DC in the middle of run in Ace dungeon you lose run, and character spawns at entrance.
  • impossible to play, i cant complete a dungeon cuz i took DISCONNECT ANNOYING ALL THE F******** TIME,makes me angry i'm just leaving
  • metagamemetagame ✭✭✭✭
    Same here, also from Europe and getting DC every 15 minutes or so... even lost some Ace Dungeon runs because of this problem. Apparently if you DC in the middle of run in Ace dungeon you lose run, and character spawns at entrance.
    it'll eat your run at any point once you're inside, even if you just enter and leave.
  • Same,,,, too much DC.
  • Drop rate vm7 in sshm so low, in 200 clears i just see 3 designers, + lag+ DC a lot, best way to tera die!
  • You shouldn't really blame it on EME, we're playing from EU connection problems may occur on way to their servers.If any mods are around I can send them Diagnostic tool report and they may have some solution.
  • MoeBunnyMoeBunny ✭✭✭
    just gonna repost this here too, hopefully EME can fix this
    MoeBunny wrote: »
    This has been going on for far too long with the servers. dungeons & the people in them feezing, boss is stuck at 0% hp, abnormal ping spikes, to the point that the game is unplayable at times, etc. we need a permanent fix for this not a quick fix :<
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    I Really wonder where you are all playing from in the EU (which country)

    I play from the Netherlands and i don't experience any DC or high ping from here.

    If you would all say which country you are in then maybe there is a common denominator causing the unstable connection.
    The reason why i ask is because it is more likely that the route your packets take is F**** up in which case EME would not be able to fix that.
    If it is on there servers it would not mater where the traffic comes from everyone would notice a unstable connection.

    However since all those who responded say your from the EU (seriously it is a continent pleas be more specific) there is probably a bottleneck in 1 or more of the routes.
    Here is a nice video showing some of the fiber cables running under the sea.

    As you will notice (if you watch the video) there are a lot of cables connecting the continents. And different pathways to take, so if a group of people who are all taking the same route experience a problem (DC) while others who take a different route do not experience a problem.

    Now you might think how does this help me.
    first identify where the problem occurs

    Then you can see if the problem can be solve
    this could be notifying your ISP (send also your tracert log)
    Secondly you could send EME support your tracert log but i don't know how much they can do for the above problem.

    I have heard story's how changing your DNS server might help out.
    But that would depend on where the problem occurs

    A explanation of this here

    And to check for a better DNS server here

    I hope this helps some of you.
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    Same Problem here... During the last 5 hours i dced at least 30 times ... and the game you can open by clicking characters is bugged (it appears too far from the characteri click ) if someone has a solution please whisp me.
  • I'm from Brasil, and I am having the same problem.
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