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[CH]LF Static to learn DS uppers

edited August 2016 in PvE Discussion
As name implies looking for static to learn ds uppers..We currently have 3/5 players, all of us in +15 vm6 or higher.The party consist of Mystic,Brawler and Slayer/Ninja.We haven't trained do Ds Uppers too much but have been able to queen a few times. We are looking for 2 more willing to learn Manaya and farm DSU with us..prefably a Priest and DPS or Tank. message me here for more info or ingame @R.saitama or @Raksmey


  • BanimBanim ✭✭✭
    Hey @RaksonRaks !

    I'd be willing to go with you guys, I can clear uppers on Priest, Mystic and Berserker.

    I've been grinding all three seasons of DS so I can offer some tips if needed as we progress. I don't have a hard static nowadays (I just run with several friends who I've known for a while and we just take whoever can come) and not sure if I could commit to one, but if you need someone, I'm willing if available. You can add me or just whisper Banim, Daerev or Aleksy, those are my main chars.
  • I'd be interested to DPS, I've cleared DS3 several times using my Ninja on MT, but the class I really love is my Sorc that is on CH, about to craft Imperator on it.

    I'll send you a whisper if you still have a spot left.
  • Goodluck Raks~
  • still trying to get more proficient at dsu..always looking for help o/
  • looking for priest that is up for dsu still :3
  • Raks, I wanna join.
  • LisanneLisanne ✭✭
    edited August 2016
    You can send me a mail or message sometime @Lisanne , I priest heal mainly and do things like SSHM often.
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