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Bring back PvP titles/Rating based gear



  • there's no real need for rank based gear. its just ego feeding tbh.
  • Mobius1Mobius1 ✭✭✭
    A title or cosmetic item would be good.

    If armor or weapons were awarded, IMO, they should be, at best, equal to Conflate or VM.

    I think it would be great, if you got awarded a whole set of Conflate, for example, if you ranked high enough. Or maybe a set of PvP jewelry.

    But giving something superior to what others can obtain, just throws off PvP balance even more.
  • TheOzunu wrote: »
    there's no real need for rank based gear. its just ego feeding tbh.

    Well back in the day the people who actually got the gear were pretty humble if I remember, but I will agree it's probably changed now due to people getting big headed over just placing in top 10 for crusade boards. Either way, a title or cosmetic would be nice, but the real question is if EmE is willing to do it for the players.
  • I would love to see a return of the Vanarch system, one with a working PvP aspect this time around.
  • bringing back pvp titles would be cool also having atleast a slam this year would be a good boost to the pvp scene
  • EishaaEishaa ✭✭
    edited September 2016
    TWMagimay wrote: »
    I guess you forgot about the massive wintrading issues that came with rank-based gear...

    Yeah, it's unfortunate that people did that, and you're definitely right that that's why it got removed in the first place, but with the GvG update, there's once again a system that has potential for abuse like the rank-based gear did. Top guilds (heck, even one guild if they're particularly brazen) might systematically team up, wipe out other guilds that try to win the Civil Unrest Conflict on Saturdays, and then split the gold winnings evenly among themselves. To me, though, I see this as a sort of "second chance" EME is giving the pvp community for rank-based rewards (in this case, being whoever has the last tower standing). Maybe, if people play fair, and ONLY if, there might be a possibility of PvP rewards and titles based on rank coming back. Otherwise, yeah, you'll still be right, and my faith in humanity will plummet even further XD
  • Well we don't even have a leaderboard anymore so we would need that first before rank based rewards.

  • Derpybowl wrote: »
    UdonPasta wrote: »
    i think i would rather see the 3 alliance mounts in the shop for maxed credits/achivements since they are removing alliance, they do look amazing,they have 290 speed (actual usefull vs ... bad grear you cant use?)

    Before conflate bloodrave weapon was legit. 10 edge scythe against sf armor +15 was 29k (no consumables). Now with conflate............... we down to 7k :P

    Saw some reaper in FWC 15/0 with conflate 12, I think it will be worse if NA follows the Ktera reaper buff... and conflate is getting another buff too, IMO, conflate is pretty ridiculous for PVP.
  • All in for EQ Team Queue! With 3k Belle and 3k KS for win reward!
  • Even if there was a equalized team q I bet people still wouldn't q for it lol. Even all the people who are decked out in gear on MT don't q for team 3s, yet call themselves PvP'ers
  • Before we start working on rating-based gear/rewards, can we get the leaderboards back please ...
  • @posty agreed lmao, but EME has so many issues and complaints going on atm hopefully they'll have to answer them sooner or later.
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