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IM Griefing, Toxicity and Misfortunes



  • Threads like these always devolve quickly into flame wars and arguments. Next time you decide to come to the forums to vent frustration, please take a few minutes to cool off and think about the outcome you're hoping to achieve (this is directed at everybody, not just Sirekappa. We all get frustrated sometimes). You'll never get justice against another player you don't like because of a forum thread. At the most you'll get some sympathy from other players that have had a similar experience. More likely than that, you'll end up spreading around the negative experience you had, causing other players to get upset either for or against you (or just giving trolls ideas on how to troll more).

    If you think a player is harassing, report them with a Customer Support, but things like the example given by Sirekappa are always gray area because playing badly isn't against any TERA rules, and neither is arguing. However, if a player is consistently toxic and disrespectful of others, there is a possibility of GM moderation at the support team's discretion.

    Here's a llama:
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