[PS4/XB1] We will be entering into maintenance on 9/23 at 7pm PDT, and have an expected downtime of 3. For details, please visit the following thread: http://bit.ly/teraconsolemaintenance

Item Server is Down

I am sure you know about this En Masse, but any news on when it will be back up?


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    We're working on this now. Thanks for posting about it! I'll leave this stickied until it's resolved.

    EDIT - I'm a bit behind due to a late lunch. The ops team has been investigating since about Noon.
  • Issue has been resolved! Shoutout to our Operations team for their hard work.

    Items are now being delivered to Item Claim again. If you're waiting on something you purchased in the last couple hours, give it 30-60 minutes or so for the system to catch up.
  • still no piggies ;_;
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