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EMP Error : 119 ?

i'm getting...
Payment failed to process. Please review the following FAQ for details about your specific error.
Error code: 119
Error message: Error 119: Invalid State Information.
when trying to buy EMP, i tried 3 times, is there a monthly limit on how much we can buy?



  • Apparently this issue happens when the Web Browser has Opted-In to auto-fill in some specific personal information, and on the Billing Information page in particular, it currently won't show the "State" as a separate box to input information into, until after you have specifically typed in your city and then press the tab button.

    Once the tab button has been pressed, it should automatically go down to the Country/State dropdown selection box.

    Go ahead and select the Country, and then a new "State" box should appear above the Country/State dropdown.

    Once you put that information into the newer State box, it should resolve the Error Code : 119
  • that trick isn't working for me. No state thing drops down. Wether I type or autofill.
  • try changing to a different country then back to your country. that worked for me
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