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TERA Mongo: Neon (8/26 to 8/29)


Sorry for the delayed announcement. I had some underwear to adjust.

Welcome to TERA Mongo: Neon Version! There have been some tweaks and changes to where and how Mongos spawn. Common Mongos now drop parcel loot that your whole party can enjoy. They're also much more plentiful, so even though you might only get a few bits of loot at a time, a party's worth of Mongo hunters should be able to stack up quite nicely on enchanting materials... plus there's always the chance of encountering an uncommon, rare, or Legendary Mongo.

The news post has more than a couple handy images that should server as your Mongodex. That includes map locations where you can find each Mongo, plus some hints as to what loot they prefer to hang onto.



  • so sunday is last day and monday ended till 1pm est? well GG i had fun time but no fun for beetle cause those buggy doesnt wanna spawn for me (no unity stole once again)

    wtb unity stole code
  • Wow thanks for giving the community 11 billion noble moons.
  • Thanks for the event Spacecats and EME. It was truly worthwhile and highly rewarding with the amount of loot received. I think this is one of the best events I've participated in since I started playing 2.5 years ago.
  • Only thing that surpasses this is the kyra's catalyst event back in Februari in my opinion.
  • Ap4thetikAp4thetik
    edited August 2016
    This iteration of the Mongo event was definitely an improvement in many ways, over the original event. However, while some issues from the original event were addressed, new issues were created.

    For starters, I'd like to list the things I think were done much better in comparison to the original event.

    1. Mailing kill rewards, instead of item drops.**
    2. Shared Rewards for groups.
    3. Designated Areas for spawns. **
    4. Providing more information to players regarding the event (spawn locations, loot, and enemy pictures)
    (Items marked with asterisks (**) I think were done better, but were still problematic. Will discuss further below.)

    In regards to list item 1. Mailing the rewards I'm sure was at least partly necessary for the ability to give all members of a group the reward easily. However, due to the fact items from mail have to be claimed 1 at a time (one mail that is) this system of handing out rewards becomes quite cumbersome very quickly.

    If a 'Claim' button could be added to the mail interface that would allow you to claim items from multiple mails at once (similar to how you can select multiple mails and delete them all at once) this would alleviate the issue (as well as being just a generally useful thing to begin with).

    In regards to list item 3. Designating specific zones for specific mongos to spawn in was generally a good idea. This went a long way in preventing aimless wandering looking for the mongos you'd hope would drop what you were looking for. There were however, 3 main issues with how this was done.

    The first being the size of some of the zones chosen. Some zones that were chosen were quite large, this was a good thing. Especially when group cooperation was a big bonus this time around. However, some zones were relatively small. Which lead to rapid overcrowding issues (Lake of Tears, and Timeless Woods).

    The second issue being the apparent spawn differences between zones. While multiple zones were designated for each mongo type. Some seemed to have a clearly larger number of mongo spawns. This made overcrowding of certain zones even worse (at one point, I saw 8 different raid groups in Balder's Refuge).

    The third issue being the total number of zones used. In the original mongo event, mongos spawned everywhere. Even then, the game felt very crowded at times. I'm not sure if the number of total zones used was an oversight, or you guys underestimated the popularity of the event. But I feel like 10 zones total for this entire event was not adequate.

    Now for the things I think you did worse (or oversights from the original event you guys neglected to fix).

    1. Legendary Mongos.
    2. Enemy types used.
    3. 'Per Hit' loot drops from 'uncommon' mongos.
    4. Mongo distribution.

    In regards to list item 1. Legendary mongos in the original event were a mad dash to get a raid together and be there for the kill. Granted, at times it was slightly frustrating (reaching a zone mere moments after a legendary mongo died). But I think it was a very exciting moment when you saw the server announcement that a Legendary Mongo spawn event had started.

    I think the only 'Legendary' thing about it this time. Was the Legendarily awful loot that they gave. The raid I was in took a while to find one. Then after killing it and seeing the rewards, only took a split second for everyone to realize it wasn't worth the effort. So we went right back to farming normal mongos. Without searching for the legendary mongos any more.

    In regards to list item 2, and 3. These two issues I'm fairly certain have the same cause. So I'll start with the enemy types used issue. Most of the enemy types used were find, with the exception of the scarabs. I'm pretty sure the base enemy type is what I refer to as 'critters'. The little monsters you see around some zones that aren't Minion, Normal, BAM, or Boss monsters. The issue with these is that they do not show up on the radar. If your intention was to make people search for these specific mongos by sight only, then I guess that's fine. If it wasn't though. I'd recommend avoiding using these enemy types in the future.

    The second problem with the 'critter' enemy type. Is that they have no defenses whatsoever so they generally die in one hit regardless of what skill, or how powerful the person hitting them is. This caused a severe issue with the 'Per Hit' loot drops from some of the scarabs. Because they died instantly, you received very little loot from them, to the point of almost feeling less worth the effort than their more common counterparts.

    In regards to list item 4. From what I've seen during the first mongo event, and then this mongo event. I think I'm fair in assuming that you're using the zones existing enemies as the spawn locations for the mongos. In theory, this seems like a perfectly logical thing to do. It lets you save time, by reusing the already existing spawn locations for a zone, and will naturally spawn mongos throughout an entire zone. However, in practice this seems to have some serious flaws.

    Because the distribution of enemies in some zones isn't very evenly distributed. This also causes the spawning of mongos to be skewed towards certain areas in some zones. I would consistently find 3-4 mongos in a relatively small area. While other areas in that same zone. I never once found a single mongo during the entire event.

    The other issue I found is that small 'common' mongos would often spawn directly on top of large BAMs (or rather, under them). This made spotting mongos virtually impossible sometimes. Because a small yellow dot from a 'minion' class monster is virtually invisible when stacked on top of a BAMs large red icon on the radar. As well as a tiny minion easily disappearing into the model of a large BAM.

    I know this was really long, so thanks if you actually read all the way through it. Hopefully this can help make future mongo events even better. :)

  • As many points have been made about the event, pointing out the flaws and pointing out where this event shined, I would only like to add that perhaps some other items be added to the loot tables. Not being greedy, or anything like that, but 20 or more chilly clouds is a bit much. It hurts the economy and perhaps by adding the option of other similar items would help this? So rather then 20 or 30 chilly clouds you may get that many clouds but they be of different types, the other types of cloud items. Just so the economy doesn't take the hit it has.

    The only other big thing I'd like to request is perhaps telling us, over our screens, how many legendary are left alive periodically so players know when they are all dead. I know they are only around for 2 hours but if all of them are killed in say the first hour...it would be nice to know, so you don't spend another hour looking.

    Beyond those two points I would love to thank EME for the event and I do hope we have more mongo events in the future. It really brought the community together and had many of us, such as myself, going to areas I haven't been to since I was leveling. It was a good time spent and the loot was beyond helpful (I was able to reroll my robe and get it to plus 15). I think this is the best event Tera has had, in my opinion, and I would love to see it more in the future.
  • Overall, this event was better than the first mongo event, simply because it allowed active group participation, depending on the area. I am thankful for that alone, since it was really fun in some raids. Leaders rose up to be great MC's (one raid even had the leader organize a trivia/riddle session, kudos for the idea). I feel that the people were still too bent on the idea of profiting on others, rather than being content with just participating and getting free stuff for basically walking around and occassionally attacking a small beast (with the exceptions of Chanters, their heads were scary), to get their bountiful innards to spill.

    I'll echo what some of the others have posted, but I would have appreciated a wider loot table for the mounts and accessories. Since non-flying mounts are not that appealing anymore, it would've been more interesting if there were at least 4 or 5 different mounts as a possible drop, even if they didn't have HP/MP/Stamina regen. I mean, nearing the end of the event, people were leaving Noble Moon mounts lying on the ground in some areas where they dropped. Similar for accessories, some of the items that were distributed as Legendary loot could've easily been a regular mongo drop. Not asking for capes, stoles or clouds, but seeing something else other than that plum accessory, which doesn't even suit most characters, would've been appreciated. Well, there were glasses at least, so it was not just one kind of accessory.

    Thanks for the event, and I'm hoping that there will be more fun events like this!
  • Don't do this [filtered] again, don't make other events like this, don't put mats and gears in this event like this, don't lose your hardcore players with events like this. This one is over but one more event like this, you will lose more players than gaining, you might get some kids happy but no hardcore player like this event. You did a very very very bad job on this.
  • hellno wrote: »
    Thank you EME this has been the best event tera has ever had! And I have been playing tera since 2013!

    This one has been the worst, fixed it.
  • StarbuzzStarbuzz ✭✭✭
    Don't do this [filtered] again, don't make other events like this, don't put mats and gears in this event like this, don't lose your hardcore players with events like this. This one is over but one more event like this, you will lose more players than gaining, you might get some kids happy but no hardcore player like this event. You did a very very very bad job on this.

    Are you just salty that you weren't able to farm this event? You sure do sound like it. This event pretty much gave everyone from casuals to hardcore players the resources they need to be able to have a high chance to +15 their gear. It also drastically reduced the consumables to a reasonable price so that others can afford with the little gold they have. So why you mad? If you think this event made people quit then you sir have the wrong idea. Have you seen LFGS littered with 20 man raids before? It just shows how many players were active in this event and made the effort to farm it.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2016
    Just a quick comment for those who missed the event: the ad-splash art said INTRODUCING Mongo Neon--which implies this will be run again. You will hopefully get your chance again.

    And I hope before Christmas. This event was really addictive. I found myself logging in to run around in circles whenever I had a few minutes.

    As to my loot--well, I did OK, my best loot was 200 some embers! That's a lot of Ghillie I don't have to do now unless I want. I got a fair number of the dyads too, nothing like what others have pictured in other threads, but I'm happy.

    I do wish we could get at least 2 days warning. I would love to have events like this marked on the calender weeks ahead but I don't want to ask for the moon here.
  • You can call me salty, jelly or whatever. The damage is done, and EME will pay for it. Not you players.
  • YamazukiYamazuki ✭✭✭✭✭
    Don't do this [filtered] again, don't make other events like this, don't put mats and gears in this event like this, don't lose your hardcore players with events like this. This one is over but one more event like this, you will lose more players than gaining, you might get some kids happy but no hardcore player like this event. You did a very very very bad job on this.

    Hardcore players abused this event the most. Between using multiple clients, and skipping sleep for multiple days... The people that don't like the event are simply people who don't like open world events. Which is fine, EME is never going to make an event that pleases everyone. Every event has had people that didn't like it.
  • CatservantCatservant ✭✭✭✭
    Nightx wrote: »
    You can call me salty, jelly or whatever. The damage is done, and EME will pay for it. Not you players.

    They lost possible revenue from any near future strongbox key events...
    They lost players who got everything they need and will snooze cause they got no purpose to grind anymore...

    And they gained interest and a renewed enjoyment of the game in other players. Anyone who gets frustrated from an event like this may be awful close to burnout, in my opinion.

    I also doubt this will impact the future interest in strongbox events unless there is one next weekend.

    No, I think the only mass loss EME had with this event was on their own underwear sales, and in a month it will be back to business as usual for the most part.

    I do hear your frustration with others obtaining easily what you worked so hard to get, though. I have a taste of that in that I bought all my alts innerwear--LAST week. That was most of my gold. It stung, I'll admit it.

    You have the right to feel how you feel, and express your opinion on how common and/or generalized those feelings might be to the rest of us. And maybe you're right and a lot of the most dedicated players are really angry about this, I don't know.

    Give it a month, would be my suggestion. One month and see how the game is for you and your friends. If you still feel betrayed and like permanent damage has been done--start another thread to discuss these issues again. This time you'd have the benefit of time proven effects to point to, to back up your claims.

  • @Catservant :

    you may doubt, but not long after events and I see the awful backlashes of the event.
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