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Is Elite Status worth REALLY worth it?

For many years after TERA became F2P, I've spent 27$ a month on monthly elite (Taxes adds up)... but now it's late 2016 and I'm starting to wonder if it's really worth it. For example --
First item is an elite ghost horse mount with 280 speed, mind you, riding skilled -- not flying.
Second item is the Atlas, where normally no one really explores anymore, just afks and waits for their queue to pop.
Third would be the journal, where I found it handy until they plastic wrapped every flying area so we can no longer explore the ends and yonder of TERA.
Forth and Fifth are Gift/Consumable daily boxes, where the gift box has become the x7 mwa/extensive alk/feed box and consumables have come pointless with pots like bravery already being obtainable and crafting cures for something that will be pointless... (soul bound crafted gear/removal of buff items)
Now sixth and seventh are both going to be removed and replaced with a 7 in 1 chugging drink which could be obtained at a merchant for 3g...
Others are rep, which is nothing in 2016, exp boost with our daily exp boost event, and gold boost with our non existent gold drops/quests at end game.
To add, all I see its worth is the x2 vanguard credits... if that's a thing, and tb fee being nothing, which with the guild update, everyone would want the TB fee to be spent to earn it in GVG.
So... what's the point of getting it anymore?


  • 27$? The hell are you doing? I only pay 10$ a month for elite.
  • NPUNPU ✭✭
    Elite is 19.95 with taxes in Canada.
  • Why don't you buy an elite scroll with in-game gold ?? 55-65k is better than 20$ , isn't ?
  • NPU wrote: »
    Elite is 19.95 with taxes in Canada.

    Your bank is ripping you off then. I'm in canada and it does not cost that much. It's a little more then $17 for me.

    In fact, I just bought $40 of EMP last night and both charges were about $25
  • Depending on the server, he/she might not find a scroll to buy using gold.

    On topic: Elite will only be useful during events (Recalling Neon Mongo events, where Village Atlas was useful for legendary Mongos), achievements hunting and TB business (NO tax when using TB for sell). Other than that, boxes are pretty useless (RIP crafting system), the only valuable thing you may get out from it is Felicity, but its a pretty RNG thing.

    I feel that currently, unless you want to be a tryhard player, it won't worth it at all, better using that money to sell some EMP every now and then and saving some gold for VM8/8.5 if you're aiming for it.

  • Elite has had many changes over the years. I've had things I've liked and disliked about each change. I like how it is now. I'm not sure what I'd change other than the mount could be swapped to a flying one for a while.

    What would you want to see offered with elite or changed?
  • The bravery cd removal would be nice. I have more than 200 useless elite bravery. Also the gold boost is useless. Other thing, we have a book to save locations with enough space to save every desired location but the truth is we only have x5 lines of locations?..
  • Oh yeah I've always wondered why we can't expand the amount of locations saved
  • It's up to you if elite is worth it or not, IMO it is not worth the money in its "current state". If BHS/EME ever decide to rework it they'll need community input to make it appealing to a customer. Obviously it must not be P2W.
  • EndevaEndeva ✭✭✭✭✭
    Elite is still worth it but not at $27/month.
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    maybe he is an aussie or a kiwi from new zealand
  • NPUNPU ✭✭
    edited August 2016
    I have no idea how you get 40$ of EMP for 25$ when TERA charges you 40$... anyways, yeah... I don't really feel it anymore. I'm on VoT, btw. 105k on tb lol
  • NPUNPU ✭✭
    edited August 2016
    @vkobe I'm from Canada and 2200 EMP (20$) is 26.94$ in my bank statement.
    Edit: also seems to change randomly. Aug 5th: 26.94 / Aug 11th: 27.04
  • EndevaEndeva ✭✭✭✭✭
    NPU wrote: »
    I have no idea how you get 40$ of EMP for 25$ when TERA charges you 40$... anyways, yeah... I don't really feel I anymore. I'm on VoT, btw. 105k on tb lol

    $10 Elite ftw!
  • vkobevkobe ✭✭✭✭✭
    lol on my server it is only 60 k :3

    if he is a brexit i think it cost him only 25 pound sterling :3
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